This is WEIRDD: November 2017


Mallory: a lot of leggings because I am a FAN of comfort and leggings offer supreme comfort

Abby: ok so I got two pairs of fabletics leggings that are really comfy and also I have a lot of old navy sweaters that are nice


Mallory: Mac and cheese for the win…amiright ladies???

Abby: On thanksgiving I had tamales and tortilla soup

Impressed By

Mallory: Nicole Benedict. She’s the Psi chapter’s fearless leader, and she is a fantastic president. She is also a great friend. I love Nicole.

Abby: the way my chem professor can make it sound like it isnt his fault 80% of the class is failing #shade


Mallory: I recently reread two of my favorite YA series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: The Naturals and The Fixer. I love these books so much. I highly recommend people.

Abby: I havent read anything in so long. This is a drought.


Mallory: getting WRECKED by school….not sure if I’ll make it out of the semester alive.

Abby: I auditioned for an indoor drumline. That was cool


Mallory: reputation by Taylor Swift. Did you even have to ask?

Abby: Wild Child dropped two new songs and the Oh Hello’s dropped one new one. WHOOP


Babe Thursday: Maureen Balcerzak Edition

Oh maureen. this girl is 100. if you don’t know her, don’t go to bed tonight until you have followed her on twitter (@mrnbalcerzak). You won’t regret it.


As you can see above, me and maureen are always helping each other out. Sometimes that means tying each-others shoes, sometimes this means choosing clothes for hitting the town. Whatever it is, we make sure the other is prepared for the choices they are making.


Maureen is another one of those lovelys I met in Tau Beta Sigma. (what a great organization) I feel like Maureen and I just really vibe. When we make eye contact at chapter, I know we are thinking the same thing.


Maureen is a dynamic human bean. She is really freaking cool, and really freaking pretty, and really freaking smart and I’m really freaking glad I know this babe.


P.S. though it may seem like it, I am actually not IN love with maureen. But you should be. cuz she’s awesome.

The Friday Five

  1. TAYLOR SWIFT’S NEW ALBUM. reputation is here y’all, and it is GOOD. I can’t pick a favorite yet because I really and truly like all of them. I am 100 percent here for an in-love Taylor Swift. You can just hear her glowing through the songs. They are all honestly bops and if you expect me to listen to anything other than this album for at least the next month, you are wrong.
  2. I am so glad that I get to live with Amber Jones. She is beauty and grace and way super fun. I know that I wouldn’t get to know her this way if I wasn’t living with her and that would be one of the biggest tragedies in my life. Thanks for being a true friend Amber.
  3. I have a French test later today that I actually feel semi-prepared for?? When we went over the practice exams in class on Wednesday I had actually performed pretty well, which was a strange feeling. I still have to study some more, but I feel like I might do better than I normally do on this exam.
  4. Tau Beta Sigma’s Founder’s Day ceremony was last night, and it was a true blast. I am so honored to get to be a part of this organization and it was so cool to have guests come and learn about and celebrate it with us. Every day my sisters do something else to make me appreciate and love them more. A true blast.
  5. I’m going to my first chicken finger Friday later with the platonic love of my life Carol Turner. I am very excited about this. I love chicken. I love Carol. What else could I ask for? (nothing)

Babe Thursday: Amber Jones Edition

Amber Freaking Jones. She is a gem. She is like one of those geodes you get a museum, really freaking tough to crack but once you get in, it is beautiful.


So I know Amber has sort of already been featured in a Babe Thursday post but that was a joint post and she deserves her own special moment. This is it. I met Amber at Drumline auditions before the 2016 season. She didn’t say a word. I tried to introduce her to people and she just stared at me. BUT over the course of the season, she really came out of her shell. She now has a huge presence on the drumline and I can promise you she was the first name all those newbies learned this year.


Flash forward to second semester and we decide to rush Tau Beta Sigma. During this time period, Amber and I solidify our friendship. We also take the big step and move in together in May. As a roommate she is pretty chill. We have great talks and we share clothes and do fun roommate things. I appreciate how easy she is to be around.


Basically I am very glad I have this babe. She is a good one.


This is WEIRDD: October 2017


Mallory: Kevin Torress’s arms around my shoulders as he hugs me and tells me he misses me before band rehearsal

Abby: my RDL jacket -> I met Andy and Kevin on the RDL


Mallory: actually drinking, but it’s a mango sweet tea, after Kevin drinks half of the one that I bought

Abby: Kevin buys me drinks when I give him rides after rehearsal because he cant drive

Impressed By

Mallory: Andy Torres and those awesome vlogs!

Abby: Kevin is a pretty good little cymbal.


Mallory: Kevin Torres’s tweets that tend to be way funnier than mine

Abby: Andy’s mind.


Mallory: All the messages Andy Torres sends to me on twitter and instagram that are irrelevant and funny

Abby: The amazing internet presence that is the Torres Brothers


Mallory: Not hanging out with the Torres brothers enough….sonic bois?

Abby: Wishing I knew the other Torres brothers

Babe Thursday: Lexi Selvera Edition


Lexi Selvera. This lovely woman is a huge part of my life. She inspires me daily to be a better person, a more self-aware person, and a more accepting person. I am so lucky to know her and I don’t know what I would do without her.Image-1

I met Lexi going through process for TBS. At first, she was very quiet but over the course of a few weeks I got to know her and decided she was a really cool person I wanted in my life. Flash forward to Adopt A Band where Lexi comes over and plays cymbals with me. She then asks if she can audition for the Cymbal Line (she plays clarinet). This is the beginning of Lexi being a part of every aspect of my life. GOD FREAKING BLESS. She is so eager about cymbals and she makes me laugh every rehearsal and I just love her for that.IMG_1242.JPG

Lexi is a person I can always count on to support me. I know she’s pretty much down to do anything and I think she enjoys my company?? Or she fakes it well. She makes me laugh and makes me think and she’s just an all around BABE<3 XDXD luv u gurl


P.S. the cute pumpkin patch pics were taken by Amber Sidney Photography. Check her out on facebook!

Babe Thursday: Jacob Maestri Edition

I can’t believe I haven’t done a post for dad yet so here it is.


So I have known Jacob since freshman year. Mallory and I used to spend every night in his dorm room and he loved it. He would have to force us out the door. It was so fun! what a babe.


Since freshman year we have somehow remained friends. It’s amazing that even with how much we piss each other off, we are still besties.


Ok but seriously Jacob is a pretty great dude. We have good conversations and good hangs. I reply. I’m glad he’s in my life and this is why he is babe.


This is WEIRDD: September 2017


Mallory: my tennis shoes and my dinkles cause it’s been a month chock full of band

Abby: My new Tau Beta Sigma hat because then I don’t have to do my hair


Mallory: Tyson Anytizer Chicken Fries and ranch while also drinking Red Diamond Sweet Tea. I’m honestly living 10 year old Mallory’s food dream.

Abby: I’ve really committed to this frozen meal thing. I think October will be a month of cooking again.

Impressed By

Mallory: Megan Beard – somehow we managed to get up and go to church together every single Sunday this month. God bless Megan for keeping me accountable – I don’t know what I would do without her

Abby: Amber Jones is a pretty great chick. Glad she’s a person in my life.


Mallory: I don’t really have time to read for fun. Like at all. BUT I have started the Alexander Hamilton biography that the Broadway musical is based on. It’s slow going. But I am enjoying it.

Abby: articles about bite force and its relation to skull shape


Mallory: I recently discovered Neck Deep. Y’all. I really like their music. I highly recommend In Bloom and 19 Seventy Sumthin’ from their newest album, The Peace and The Panic. Also that entire album. It’s all really good.

Abby: I’ve been really feeling Fools this month


Mallory: Not writing for this blog, that’s for sure. But I think I’m going to resume The Friday Five this week. So stay tuned for that – or don’t.

Abby: Trying to get through this semester. So stay tuned for that – or don’t.

This is WEIRDD: August 2017


Mallory: My very comfortable Adidas superstars. Sometimes I forget I own other shoes, but it is okay…..right????

Abby: my sports bras and tennis shoes have been getting a lot more wear. thanks band.


Mallory: Pretzels have become my staple snack. They are easy to carry around in my backpack and pull out when I wanna eat in class or in the bandhall or ANYWHERE.

Abby: I have been meal-prepping soups. It’s nice.

Impressed By

Mallory: The students I worked with all summer and the members of my home church who helped with Hurricane Harvey clean up last weekend. I so so wished that I could have been there working with them.

Abby: I’m impressed by people who aren’t already tired of this semester.


Mallory: I don’t actually think that I read anything for fun this month, BUT I did read a book a really really enjoyed for class – Wild Seed by Olivia Butler. It is a mix of science/historical fiction and I highly recommend.

Abby: does reading tweets count?



Abby: I have still been just listening to Cleopatra… I’m a creature of habit.


Mallory: SO much. School. Work. Band. TBS. Not enough sleep. It has been a lil hard for me to get into the swing of being back in Fayetteville and at school.

Abby: oh you know, working, banding, schooling. just the usual

This is WEIRDD: July 2017


Mallory: um nike shorts. it is really hot in houston so ya girl is just tryna stay cool. i wore the same t shirt for a week when i worked vbs – it was a fun week of not planning outfits.

Abby: Black on black because I have been working all the time.


Mallory: STORYTIME. last week i was dogsitting at my boss’s house and since i had access to a stove and oven i decided to cook myself dinner so i went to my favorite grocery store HEB and bought a box of mac n cheese and a bag of frozen chicken nuggets. and a couple of bottles of sweet tea and a pint of ben n jerrys. AND THE CHECK OUT GIRL COMMENTED ON THE FACT THAT IT LOOKED LIKE A GOOD DINNER. like what. don’t judge me!!!!!

Abby: Preacher’s Son Bentonville AR. Garret took me on a fancy date and I got clams and omg they were so tasty. 10/10 would clam again.

Impressed By

Mallory: is it conceited if i say myself?? i just feel like i have grown a lot this summer and found stuff out about myself. i am like good? at building relationships with students and i am genuinely impressed at that?

Abby: My coworkers. GO SAVOY


Mallory: “Windfall” by Jenifer E. Smith: WOW. what a book. it deals with how a couple of high school teenagers spend the money after they buy a winning lottery ticket. plus there is romance. a good YA read. “The Names They Gave Us” by Emery Lord. GUYS this book. i was floored by it. it like is about a teens faith being challenged at a summer camp with romance and she is finding herself and i cried A LOT. “I See London, I See France” by Sarah Mlynowski was also a good read. it just made me really want to travel and it was very good so yeah the theme of this summer has been YA written by strong women authors. NICE.

Abby: ha.


Mallory: i have been very into podcasts recently. specifically “Don’t Blame Me” with Meghan Rienks, “Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig”, and “The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast”. i like podcasts a whole lot, but what do i do with my hands??? and my eyes??? help me enjoy this more.

Abby: I got a roku! and Buffy is on Hulu.


Mallory: dreading going back to real life??? going on our high school mission trip??? bonding with students i love a whole lot??? missing my friends??? i have had a lot of emotions this month and i have been doing a lot

Abby: I went to Nashville and Texas.