Da 30 for 30 Challenge

This is a challenge that has been going around the internet for a while now, and we have decided to try it with our own spin on it. The plan is to follow the rules ‘n guidelines outlined below, and post weekly updates of our different outfits for each day, along with how it’s working out for us. The basic gist is that we each select 30 pieces of clothing from our own closets and only wear those clothes for 30 days (it’s supposed to be super hard, but we can persevere, I promise fam). We will be starting on the first day of April, and continuing throughout that month (cause that’s 30 days y’all). Soon to come: a summary (pictures included!!) of what we’ll both being wearing in the next month.


  • No shopping for anything but underwear (gotta get that 7 for $27!!)
  • Pick 30 pieces of clothing (including shoes) and 5 additional accessories
  • Remember that you’re trying to mix your wardrobe up. Don’t pair the same things together every time you wear them.
  • There can be extenuating circumstances; dress for formal chapter, workout clothes (or uniform) for band things, the unlikely event either of us gets a date
  • Underwear, bras, and socks don’t count towards your 30 pieces of clothing
  • Neither do pajamas
  • Or any outerwear needed (it might rain!!)
  • No borrowing from each other – that’s cheating
  • Weekly updates are not optional (keep up w/ ur crap ok)

Abby says that we need to include credit to people who came up with the challenge originally, so thanks Kendi Everday !!