The Friday Five

I just looked at my roommate Charlotte and said “Oh, crap it’s Friday” as I quickly opened up a new tab to compose this post. *just girly things :)*

  1. BOYS ARE SO STUPID. Not because they tend to treat girls badly or because they’re confusing (I mean, they do this too), but because they are just plain stupid. I want to be your friend! Multiple boys in my life/my friends lives have taken the wrong social hints and assumed that the way we interact with them means that we want more than that…PLEASE CAN WE ALL BE BFFS???
  2. Naps=da bomb dot com. I took a two hour nap today and it was the most fantastic thing I have done all week. I could have been preemptively productive, but sleeping was also super great.
  3. College is fantastic because classes can be cancelled basically on an instructor’s whim. I absolutely love it when I get an email saying that I don’t have to show up to class. I just wish it happened more………
  4. I am the ugliest crier I know. Also one of the most emotional people I know. These things are not a good combination at all. Especially when I am in large room with lots of people who aren’t trying to judge me but….they are. They are totally judging me and laughing and it’s fine. But also a little embarrassing.
  5. Arkansas doesn’t know how to do tex-mex too well. I don’t even really enjoy Mexican food, but what I do eat is ALWAYS better when I’m in Texas. There’s a restaurant in Fayetteville that everyone raves about, but tbh it’s pretty subpar when I compare it to what I’m used to. Sorry Viejo lovers.

Abby’s Outfits 21-25

Day 21: When you don’t put on makeup so you hide your face.

Day 22: Mallory and I had delicious food today in Bentonville.

Day 23: Red and White game, hence the no outfit

Day 24: Spent all day in a coffee shop writing a 10 page research paper

Day 25: I am the most awkward.


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Mallory’s Outfits Week Tres

Day 17: This t-shirt was a special circumstance cause the last day of convention everyone matched so yeah…I had whataburger two times this day be I am from Texas and us Texans love whata.

Day 18: Photo taken in the downtown square of Fayetteville!! Abby dropped off a job application at Savoy Tea and we studied there for awhile that afternoon because #college.

Day 19: I had my last lab of the semester this day!!! Peace out Physics and Human Affairs lab, see ya never!!

Day 20: Another day, a different coffee shop. We (Kat, Abby, and I) studied at Onyx for a few hours, where I drank my third cup of coffee of the day. Then we dropped by Kat’s house to say hi to her mom (and most importantly, Cleo, her dog!!!).

Day 21: I spent 4-ish hours in Arsaga’s on campus working on a paper. And then I went to class. And then I ate in the union. And then I changed clothes bc elections. And then I was elected Recording Secretary. What a day.

Day 22: I skipped two morning class, went to stat, ate lunch, and then hung out in the Bentonville square for hours. Abby and I got good coffee, wandered around downtown, and freaking great salmon at a fancy restaurant. Good day.

Day 22: I didn’t have an outfit because we played in the band for the spring red/white game and wore a band t shirt and shorts.

btw it was so rainy at the beginning of week and now it is very sunny and 80 degrees outside so thanks @ArkansasWeather


The Friday Five

  1. After a long, stressful night, I am now the recording secretary of the Psi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma!! This is super exciting and I can’t wait for the year to come as I get to help serve and better our chapter.
  2. Sometimes when you stay awake until 3 AM, it’s okay to miss your morning classes for more sleep. Your health is important. Also, does it really matter if you go to class when you’re just going to fall asleep in class? No…it doesn’t.
  3. Adventures are fun. GO ON THEM. Take a trip to a town 45 minutes away because you like the aesthetic of the coffee shop better. Pile in a car at midnight because honey butter chicken biscuits are the Leave campus because a change of scenery helps you get through the day. Go on hikes. The world is your freaking oyster.
  4. I am so sad that I won’t get to attend the North Texas Teen Book Festival with my mom and sister this year. Last year it was one of the best experiences of my life. I took a legendary selfie with Allie Carter and basically got to hang out with brilliant writers and super cool people all day long. My mom is bring me back a signed Sarah Dessen book (I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M MISSING SARAH DESSEN) so I guess I’ll be okay. But I won’t be.

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    (the aforementioned legendary selfie with Allie Carter)

  5. I have learned that it’s okay to miss your family. Last weekend I saw a picture of my younger brother on facebook and started crying. I don’t get homesick, but I get family sick for sure. And that is perfectly fine.

Abby’s Outfits 16-20

Day 16: I call this pose senior portrait

Day 17: I call this pose sophomore year mirror selfies.

Day 18: Low-key seducing you in this picture.

Day 19: Mallory says this pose is thug.

Day 20: I kind of cheated today and changed into a tshirt after I took this pic but it was 6 pm so I made it through most of the day. Effort is the most important thing, right?

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Abby’s Outfits 11-15

Day 11: We are saints and brought a starving Kat food while she was doing research. Also thats my car.

Day 12: Slowly but steadily running out of poses

Day 13: Me and Kat are becoming ping pong queens

Day 14: Picture taken at westwood gardens in west fayetteville




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The Friday Five

  1. I’ve broken two out of three mugs I own in the last month. If you judge by that alone, this month hasn’t been too fantastic. But never fear, I’ve actually had a pretty great time these past couple weeks.
  2. I love Taylor Swift a whole lot. Sometimes I forget how great she is. But then I decide to listen to the Red album and I remember how much I love her and how great of a person she is.
  3. Packing is one of the worst things in the world. I barely know what I want to wear one day in advance. How am I supposed to plan numerous days in advance?? It’s impossible and I hate it and I don’t have a big enough duffle bag and I always overpack and my bag is always heavy and packing sucks.
  4. Coffee. It’s amazing. I notice a considerable difference in my morning class when I have it compared to the days that I wake up late. Which has only happened once in the past couple weeks by the way. Shout out to coffee for saving my life.
  5. I witnessed (sorta) a car accident yesterday. Abby, Kat, and I were leaving a coffee shop and someone pulled out into the road too early (or without looking) and was hit by a truck that proceeded to skid across the road. It was so bizarre. The pieces of the car were all over the road, but I’m pretty sure that no one was hurt (thank God). I didn’t actually see it because I was looking at my phone, but 1. I heard it. and 2. Abby witnessed the whole thing.


Mallory’s Clothes Week DOS

Day 10: I can’t even remember this day. What did I do on Sunday? Apparently I was pretty comfortable. ¬†Oops. Sorry guys.

Day 11: It’s been pretty chilly lately. I didn’t mind this day because I LOVE this sweatshirt. I think it may be my favorite article of clothing. I was very comfy + I was wearing jeans. I spent the majority of the day either in class or in the library because I had a physics test the next day. (btw I wore birkenstocks this day)

Day 12: This outfit feat. me in the book store after buying a scantron to take my physics test. Still have no clue how I did on said test. @PROF WHAT IS TAKING YOU SO LONG??? (I also spent lots of time in the library this day bc WCIV1 test the next day. S/O to Julie Cheek for the amazing quizlet that helped me on that one.

Day 13: I super struggled with what to wear this day, because IT WAS SO COLD. I realized pretty quick this week that I didn’t give myself enough warmer clothes. With it being chilly three days in a row, I was a little bit screwed when it came to this.

Day 14: Thursdays are the coolest. Two weeks in a row I’ve spent the morning with friends doing super fun things. I also experienced Arsaga’s crepes for dinner (4 da 1st time!!) and I got Burton’s ice cream with a friend. SUPER COOL. SUPER FUN. (btw: I wanted to wear converse this day but I couldn’t find them bc I left them in Kat’s room)

Day 15: So this is the first time that the special circumstance rule has been used, but I matched everyone in my chapter the first day of district convention so it was super cool!!!! PLS don’t hate me.

Day 16: Day 2 of district convention – woo pig!! This weekend has been super great and educational so far and I can’t wait for the rest of it. (the theme this day was blue and white also I’m such a model)



As the last semester of freshman year nears the end, I am overcome with an uncomfortable-ness as I think about all of the things that will change over the summer. Right now, I live in a dorm with almost everyone I consider a close friend. I am merely a hop, skip, and a jump from Abby and Kat if I want to hang out or get an opinion on an outfit or watch Netflix or nap in their beds. I love my roommate Charlotte to pieces. I just have to walk down three flights of stairs if I want homework help from my super smart friends.

This feeling is not something I remember experiencing during my transition from high school to college. Even though I moved 5 hours away, I was excited for the upcoming year and the changes that would be occurring in my life. I am a crier, and I did not cry on graduation night or move in day or the first day of classes. Instead, I remember being super freaking excited about the things to come in my life. I don’t remember thinking about how much I would miss the friends I would be hours away from (even though I miss some people every single day), but being super pumped about meeting new people.

Right now, all I can worry about is the way that my life will change from now to next semester. Abby and Kat will be off campus, some days not even coming to campus at all. I will have more responsibility during marching band as a member of TBS. It’s not guaranteed if I will see Charlotte or our guy friends on the 6th floor. I will no longer run into the cute boys who live in Hotz or the guy who still calls me Squidward because I play the clarinet. The late night chats I have with Charlotte updating her on my life and everything I did that day will no longer be an almost nightly occurrence. I won’t get as much exercise because I will be living closer to the center of campus. I am already drifting apart from the friends I made at the beginning of the year and I don’t like the thought of not being friends with them at all when this year comes again. There is no way to make sure that I will be able to keep in touch with everyone I have met and love so much and that makes me so so sad.

This is not to say that I am not excited for next year. I will be rooming with a childhood friend who I haven’t seen more than once a year since I was in the 8th grade (who is also named Abby). I will have the opportunity to make more friends and build a closer relationship with my sisters. I will be taking different classes, and I will still have classes with a few close friends I have made. I will have different teachers. I will get to eat the hella ranch in Brough more since I live closer. I’ll get to have a little!! It’s just that despite all of these exciting things, I have a sense of dread knowing that I might lose friends that mean so much to me now. I also know that there is a chance I will be left out of things. I already have the worst FOMO (this term stands for fear of missing out) of anyone I have ever met, so this can’t be good for my health.

I don’t know how I will make it through this transition, but I do hope that I won’t feel this way about each new year throughout the rest of my college career.


Abby’s Outfits Day 6-10

I am really digging this challenge because it takes a lot of stress out of picking out outfits each morning since I planned all 30 outfits already.

Day 6: I occasionally pretend to that I am a Storm trooper.

Day 7: This is Taco adventure outfit.

Day 8: I am wearing my white vans with this outfit but there was trash on the ground that I didn’t want in the picture.

Day 9: The view in the picture is on Mallory’s side of the dorm. I can see a parking lot from my side.

Day 10: Smiling cause I got Sunday Brunch.


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