Abby’s Wardrobe Components

It took my two hours to decide what thirty items to use in my April Challenge but now I am 100% confident I will make it through the month successfully. That is, unless, some of my cheaper clothes fall apart….


Outer Wear

  1.       Black Corduroy Jacket
  2.       Orange Zip Up Jacket
  3.       Black Flow-y Long Open Jacket Thingy
  4.       Black Flow-y Cropped Tied Jacket Thingy
  5.       White Denim Vest



  1.       Black Silky Tank Top
  2.       Red Crop Top
  3.       Orange and White Three Quarter Length Sleeve Shirt
  4.       Pastel Patterned Mens Short Sleeve
  5.       Gray Henley Crop Top
  6.       Periwinkle Speckled Long Sleeve
  7.       Burgundy Henley Short Sleeve
  8.       Gray Graphic Long Sleeve
  9.       Yellow Speckled Tank Top
  10.       White Short Sleeve
  11.       Pastel Geometric Tee
  12.       Denim Flowered Men’s Button Down
  13.       Yellow V-Neck
  14.       Navy Flowered Men’s Button Down



  1.        Black Jeans
  2.        Gray Jeans
  3.        Blue Jeans
  4.        Rust Colored Jeans
  5.        Distressed Denim Shorts
  6.        Black Khaki Shorts
  7.        Gray and White Striped Leggings



  1.        White High Top Vans
  2.        Gray Low Rise Vans
  3.        Black Booties
  4.        Rainbow Chacos

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