What I’ll Be Wearing 4 da Next Month

Below is an extensive list (w/ pics!!) of the items I’ve selected to limit myself to for the next thirty days. I already know that the hardest part of this challenge will be not repeating an outfit over and over (bc I’m a basic bitch who only wears leggings and large t-shirts). I also wanted to give y’all a little insight on how I plan to keep this up – I hung all the clothes on one side of my closet and put everything I could fit in my drawers so that I wouldn’t be looking at them and tempted.

– Mallory


IMG_0815.JPG1. Forever 21 workout leggings 2. Black American Eagle leggings 3. Black Forever 21 jeans 4. Ripped American Eagle jeans 5. Red Nike shorts 6. Black-patterned Nike shorts 7. Denim high-waisted shorts


IMG_0816.JPG8. Walmart flannel 9. Men’s button down shirt from Target 10. Pink American Eagle cardigan 11. Grey American Eagle cardigan

IMG_0818.JPG12. White H&M shirt 13. Red striped American Eagle top 14. Vintage (stolen from my mom’s closet) green sweatshirt 15. Striped Target top 16. Striped American Eagle cropped top

IMG_081917. Grey Fayettechille long sleeve 18. Purple Lauren James long sleeve 19. Mint TBS tank top 20. Pink Lonestar Hog tank top


21. Purple Hotz Hall Comfort Colors 22. Blue TBS letters Comfort Colors 23. Navy Comfort Colors 24. Blue Simply Southern shirt 25. Gray RMB Comfort Colors 26. White Bartlet for America shirt


IMG_0821.JPG27. Black Nikes 28. Black Chacos 29. White Converse 30. Birkenstocks

Additional Accessories

1. Pearl earrings 2. White Kendra Scott 3. Rose gold bar necklace 4. Gold necklace 5. Blue-ish scarf


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