Abby’s Outfits Day 1-5

I’ve decided that with my outfit photos I am gonna include some fun facts
about that day. So let’s begin…
Day 1: That is my dorm behind me.
Day 2: That is my true love behind me.
Day 3: I took that photo in Paris (Arkansas)
Day 4: I had not shaved my legs in that picture.
Day 4.5: This is the outfit I wore to meet my favorite band of all time, Wild
Day 5: I’m starting to run out of poses so I turned around.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Final Note: I realize I wore two outfits in one day and that could potentially
mess up the 30 days part of this challenge. BUT later this month I will be playing
the cymbals at the Razorback scrimmage and therefore won’t have an outfit that
day. So we gucci fam. No worries.


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