Mallory’s Outfits Week UNO

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Yo!!! So far I have found this challenge to be pretty easy, but just because I only have a few set items to pick from. I don’t like that I have to space out the cute and the not-so-cute outfits though – ya girl hates wearing jeans!!!

Day 1: This was my take on “I’m gunna wear jeans and a t-shirt because jeans are cuter and make me look more put together than leggings!!”

Day 2: I took a trip to TBS national headquarters so I thought it would be fitting to wear my stitch letters shirt. I also babysat that night. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Day 3: My friends and I took a trip to a Paris, AR and Subiaco, which is where one of my closest friends went to high school.

Day 4: My third day of looking cute in a row (I was worn out). But I went to a Wild Child concert and met Wild Child and they loved my phone case!!!!

Day 5: Finally a basic day where I could be comfy – I only went to class and a lab. The lab was about getting a motor to run and took me an hour more than it should have..

Day 6: Another comfy day!!!! I went to bible study this night cause Jesus ❤

Day 7: Adventure day! aka the day we went on a taco adventure and I got my tragus pierced. What a fun time!! (Abby took this pic before she was supposed to take pics and I luv it)

Day 8: A long morning and then a trip to a sisterhood retreat!! Yay 4 sister love!!!

Day 9: The morning of a sisterhood retreat aka the first day I 1. ran out of poses and 2. didn’t care about my appearance at all cause comfy.

Btw, I’m posting updates every Saturday so it’ll be weekly – this one just has more cause the month started on a Friday.

Also fun fact: I forgot to take a pic on Friday so I put the outfit on again today so I could make up for it.



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