Mallory’s Clothes Week DOS

Day 10: I can’t even remember this day. What did I do on Sunday? Apparently I was pretty comfortable.  Oops. Sorry guys.

Day 11: It’s been pretty chilly lately. I didn’t mind this day because I LOVE this sweatshirt. I think it may be my favorite article of clothing. I was very comfy + I was wearing jeans. I spent the majority of the day either in class or in the library because I had a physics test the next day. (btw I wore birkenstocks this day)

Day 12: This outfit feat. me in the book store after buying a scantron to take my physics test. Still have no clue how I did on said test. @PROF WHAT IS TAKING YOU SO LONG??? (I also spent lots of time in the library this day bc WCIV1 test the next day. S/O to Julie Cheek for the amazing quizlet that helped me on that one.

Day 13: I super struggled with what to wear this day, because IT WAS SO COLD. I realized pretty quick this week that I didn’t give myself enough warmer clothes. With it being chilly three days in a row, I was a little bit screwed when it came to this.

Day 14: Thursdays are the coolest. Two weeks in a row I’ve spent the morning with friends doing super fun things. I also experienced Arsaga’s crepes for dinner (4 da 1st time!!) and I got Burton’s ice cream with a friend. SUPER COOL. SUPER FUN. (btw: I wanted to wear converse this day but I couldn’t find them bc I left them in Kat’s room)

Day 15: So this is the first time that the special circumstance rule has been used, but I matched everyone in my chapter the first day of district convention so it was super cool!!!! PLS don’t hate me.

Day 16: Day 2 of district convention – woo pig!! This weekend has been super great and educational so far and I can’t wait for the rest of it. (the theme this day was blue and white also I’m such a model)



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