The Friday Five

  1. I’ve broken two out of three mugs I own in the last month. If you judge by that alone, this month hasn’t been too fantastic. But never fear, I’ve actually had a pretty great time these past couple weeks.
  2. I love Taylor Swift a whole lot. Sometimes I forget how great she is. But then I decide to listen to the Red album and I remember how much I love her and how great of a person she is.
  3. Packing is one of the worst things in the world. I barely know what I want to wear one day in advance. How am I supposed to plan numerous days in advance?? It’s impossible and I hate it and I don’t have a big enough duffle bag and I always overpack and my bag is always heavy and packing sucks.
  4. Coffee. It’s amazing. I notice a considerable difference in my morning class when I have it compared to the days that I wake up late. Which has only happened once in the past couple weeks by the way. Shout out to coffee for saving my life.
  5. I witnessed (sorta) a car accident yesterday. Abby, Kat, and I were leaving a coffee shop and someone pulled out into the road too early (or without looking) and was hit by a truck that proceeded to skid across the road. It was so bizarre. The pieces of the car were all over the road, but I’m pretty sure that no one was hurt (thank God). I didn’t actually see it because I was looking at my phone, but 1. I heard it. and 2. Abby witnessed the whole thing.



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