Mallory’s Outfits Week Tres

Day 17: This t-shirt was a special circumstance cause the last day of convention everyone matched so yeah…I had whataburger two times this day be I am from Texas and us Texans love whata.

Day 18: Photo taken in the downtown square of Fayetteville!! Abby dropped off a job application at Savoy Tea and we studied there for awhile that afternoon because #college.

Day 19: I had my last lab of the semester this day!!! Peace out Physics and Human Affairs lab, see ya never!!

Day 20: Another day, a different coffee shop. We (Kat, Abby, and I) studied at Onyx for a few hours, where I drank my third cup of coffee of the day. Then we dropped by Kat’s house to say hi to her mom (and most importantly, Cleo, her dog!!!).

Day 21: I spent 4-ish hours in Arsaga’s on campus working on a paper. And then I went to class. And then I ate in the union. And then I changed clothes bc elections. And then I was elected Recording Secretary. What a day.

Day 22: I skipped two morning class, went to stat, ate lunch, and then hung out in the Bentonville square for hours. Abby and I got good coffee, wandered around downtown, and freaking great salmon at a fancy restaurant. Good day.

Day 22: I didn’t have an outfit because we played in the band for the spring red/white game and wore a band t shirt and shorts.

btw it was so rainy at the beginning of week and now it is very sunny and 80 degrees outside so thanks @ArkansasWeather



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