The Friday Five

I just looked at my roommate Charlotte and said “Oh, crap it’s Friday” as I quickly opened up a new tab to compose this post. *just girly things :)*

  1. BOYS ARE SO STUPID. Not because they tend to treat girls badly or because they’re confusing (I mean, they do this too), but because they are just plain stupid. I want to be your friend! Multiple boys in my life/my friends lives have taken the wrong social hints and assumed that the way we interact with them means that we want more than that…PLEASE CAN WE ALL BE BFFS???
  2. Naps=da bomb dot com. I took a two hour nap today and it was the most fantastic thing I have done all week. I could have been preemptively productive, but sleeping was also super great.
  3. College is fantastic because classes can be cancelled basically on an instructor’s whim. I absolutely love it when I get an email saying that I don’t have to show up to class. I just wish it happened more………
  4. I am the ugliest crier I know. Also one of the most emotional people I know. These things are not a good combination at all. Especially when I am in large room with lots of people who aren’t trying to judge me but….they are. They are totally judging me and laughing and it’s fine. But also a little embarrassing.
  5. Arkansas doesn’t know how to do tex-mex too well. I don’t even really enjoy Mexican food, but what I do eat is ALWAYS better when I’m in Texas. There’s a restaurant in Fayetteville that everyone raves about, but tbh it’s pretty subpar when I compare it to what I’m used to. Sorry Viejo lovers.

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