The Friday Five

  1. Nearing the end of The West Wing, which has been my go-to Netflix choice since Christmas break. The political drama (which is way better than House of Cards, just btw) is fantastic, and one of my dad’s very favorite shows. It’s been fun to sense him watching the show over my shoulder and ask me where I am/what’s going on.mTWW deals with the political and the personal aspects of working in the White House with grace. IT’S A MUST SEE, GO WATCH IT!!!!
  2. My mom’s been watching One Tree Hill, which is my favorite TV show of all time. I think I’m annoying my mom because I keep accidentally spoiling the show by saying “OH I know what’s happening next!!” or “OH GOSH I KNOW WHO’S BEING INTRODUCED”. Oops.
  3. I saw Captain America: Civil War with my mom today and yall it was so good. I really liked how neither side was painted in a bad light, and you could really actually pick which side you wanted to be on. I also thought it was funny how they used the endings to open up two different movies.
  4. My brother has been using soap to wash his hair for basically his whole life, so today we introduced him to the concept of shampoo. And after we introduced him to the concept of shampoo, he spent fifteen minutes trying to pick out which shampoo he wanted to actually buy. Fun times, yo.
  5. Enough time has passed since I got my tragus pierced that I can change the earring in it, but I don’t know what to buy to put there. The guy who pierced it said I could put anything in it, but I like the curved barbell shape of what is there now. I don’t know where to get something to go there either. IM HAVING A CRISIS. Should I put something sparkly in the hole?? What about some kind of tiny hoop?? I need some help here guys…

The Friday Five

OMG IT’S BACK!!! I bet all the regular readers of this blog (aka Abby, who also owns it) thought I had forgotten that this was a thing I write. Well, ha, jokes on them, I just took a two week break because finals and move out are hectic and who wants to remember that they have responsibilities other than school when it’s almost out??? Not me, that’s who!!

  1. Being back in your hometown for the summer is BORING. So I’ve had to figure out ways to occupy myself. These include, but are not limited to, reading any book I can get my hands on, discovering Ladylike on Buzzfeed’s youtube, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, and watching the West Wing.
  2. A plus of being back in ole New Boston is I get to enjoy all the food I’ve missed while away at school eating cafeteria food all the time. I’ve already had Ballpark Fries from Randy’s BBQ twice and we’re eating at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant tonight. Maria’s has the best ranch, so you could say I’m pumped.
  3. I just finished reading The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and let me tell you it is fantastic. It’s a mix of dystopian and fantasy, with a little bit of romance thrown in for fun. I love reading for fun, so I’m pumped to get to do more of it this summer.
  4. Since we last talked, I attended a graduation for my childhood best friend and future roommate, Abby Crawford. It was so surreal to see her graduate because, dang, we’re old. As a child it was impossible for me to imagine myself as older than 16 years old, so having finished my freshman year of college and watching someone else graduate high school was a little bit odd. To celebrate her graduation, her family hosted a crawfish boil and it was the first time I’ve eaten crawfish. They were a lot of work, but sooooo good.
  5. My friends Jacob and Brock are going to Rome this summer and they have to write a blog for it. Jacob’s blog is so go check it out!!


The Sun

Jessamy Samuels was light. She was grace. She was beauty. She was a gorgeous shade of mustard yellow. She was the person who everyone living in Hotz looked forward to seeing smile when they went downstairs. She was joy. She was a constant presence that was full of happiness. She was the girl most worthy of the many friend crushes she was on the receiving side of. She was life. She was, in her words, the sun.

jess 2

Jess being a babe and loving pumpkins.

The world lost a beautiful soul on Sunday, May 15 when Jessamy fell from a cliff while hiking with a friend. The impact of her death is hitting scores of people as they mourn the loss of someone who was immensely loved. Jess was someone who made you feel like you mattered. Even just a conversation full of small talk with her could leave you feeling like someone really and truly cared about you.

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Jessamy was loved by so many people it is hard for me to count. In the wake of her death, I have been brought to tears multiple times as I read multiple people’s words of mourning as they try to express how much they loved this girl. She truly touched the lives of almost everyone she came across. Even though I was not as close to her as I wish I was, Jess always made sure to make me feel as if how my day was going was actually important to her. She smiled at everyone she knew as she was walking across campus, even if she wasn’t having the best day.

group jess

Jessamy surrounded by people she loved lots and lots and who love her lots and lots right back.

Jess was a secret past One Direction super fan. She was a music lover. She had great fashion sense. Her smile welcomed you into her world. She had just gotten a tattoo of a lotus flower (“no mud, no lotus”). She changed her major to anthropology because she knew that she should love what she was doing. She surrounded herself with the best kinds of people. She might be the only person I know that is going to have just as much influence in her death as she did in her life. She definitely left this world better than it was when she found it.

Thank you for being the sun, Jessamy.

jess 1.jpg-Mallory

Confusing Days


This weekend has been a mixture of emotions. On Saturday, while I was at a concert for my favorite band Wild Child, my mother texted me and told me she bought a puppy. This was quite possibly the happiest I had ever been. Then, Sunday afternoon, Mallory informed me one of our friends from the U of A had passed away. It all just been very weird and I’m not sure what I should be feeling right now…



Today on my Timehop, there were so so many prom pictures from my junior year (2 years ago). There were also pictures from my senior year band banquet (1 year ago). It got me thinking that in those pictures, I was the happiest that I had been ever.

Prom junior year was such a great night. It was spent with fantastic friends. Some of my most quotable moments happened that night. I danced my heart out (even though I can’t dance at all). I laughed until I cried at dinner before prom (with all of my prom makeup somehow staying intact). I oozed swag. I remember thinking that there was no way I would ever be happier.


One of my fave pictures from prom junior year.

The band banquet last year happened the Monday after prom. It was another time that I remember thinking how happy I was and how grateful I was to be surrounded by the people I was. I was getting ready to graduate. It was my last band banquet and I spent the night in tears because of how sad I was to be leaving behind the people younger than me who meant so so much. I also cried because I was so happy that I had been fortunate enough to have experienced four years in a fantastic band program surrounded by great people. This season of my life was the happiest one to date.


One of my fave pictures from prom junior year.

Looking back at those times, I am in awe that I couldn’t imagine getting happier. I have met so many people this year who genuinely brighten my day. I still value many of the people who are part of those memories. But today, May 4th, 2016, I can honestly say that I have never been happier. As I grow older, I realize that my happiness seems to increase. My youth director likes to say that the best time in your life should be the one you are in now. I truly believe that this is the case for my life. I look back fondly on those memories, but I wouldn’t go back. This time in my life and the people I have met and grown close to mean so much to me. Here’s to hoping it only goes up from here.

Abby’s Outfits 26-30

Hey so I’m finally done with this challenge…. It really showed me I don’t need as many clothes as I have and it also showed me I really have a tendency to re-wear outfits. I’m gonna do a closet cleanse now but I am still definitely gonna have more that 30 items of clothing. Fun times.

Day 26: We got Shave the Planet this day and yaaaaaaaaa

Day 27: I climbed up in this tree so I could be artsy

Day 28: Really awkward photo…

Day 29: REALLY awkward photo

Day 30: ok. here’s the deal. I had cymbal line auditions from 8-5:30 on this day so I was wearing athletic clothes that time. Then i went to the springtime of youth concert and i had a final outfit picked out and it wasnt a repeat outfit or anything but then i got to my room and i was so tired and ya i repeated an outfit. i realize this is very lame cuz its the last day but i think i made a valiant effort up until this point to not repeat outfits at all, like not even similar outfits. so ya, thats what happened


P.S. I apologize for the amount of peace signs in the photos


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Mallory’s Outfits Week Cuatro

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This last week was really hard to complete this challenge. Like very hard. Like I had no clue what to wear ever. I am so glad that I can wear all of my clothes now. Glad I participated in this challenge, but also very glad that it’s over.

Day 24: I turned in my 10 page physics paper!! We went to onyx in springdale and did lots o’ homework and then we ate off campus. woooooo fun!!!

Day 25: Steadily running out of poses that don’t look stupid. I guess all I did was go to class bc I sure can’t remember anything about this day.

Day 26: I’ve been craving a snowcone for months so we FINALLY got snowcones. And then Abby took the stupidest picture of me to date.

Day 27: It was a lil rainy this day…also another stupid looking picture.

Day 28: I took minutes for the first time in chapter!!

Day 29: I forgot to take a picture of me in this outfit. Whoops. It wasn’t very cool because it stormed all day. But I took a two hour nap and went to Viejo with my friends so it was a pretty okay day.

Day 30: Springtime of Youth Music Festival!!! I saw so much great live music and some not so great live music. BORNS was freaking fantastic live and he’s such a beautiful human being.