Mallory’s Outfits Week Cuatro

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This last week was really hard to complete this challenge. Like very hard. Like I had no clue what to wear ever. I am so glad that I can wear all of my clothes now. Glad I participated in this challenge, but also very glad that it’s over.

Day 24: I turned in my 10 page physics paper!! We went to onyx in springdale and did lots o’ homework and then we ate off campus. woooooo fun!!!

Day 25: Steadily running out of poses that don’t look stupid. I guess all I did was go to class bc I sure can’t remember anything about this day.

Day 26: I’ve been craving a snowcone for months so we FINALLY got snowcones. And then Abby took the stupidest picture of me to date.

Day 27: It was a lil rainy this day…also another stupid looking picture.

Day 28: I took minutes for the first time in chapter!!

Day 29: I forgot to take a picture of me in this outfit. Whoops. It wasn’t very cool because it stormed all day. But I took a two hour nap and went to Viejo with my friends so it was a pretty okay day.

Day 30: Springtime of Youth Music Festival!!! I saw so much great live music and some not so great live music. BORNS was freaking fantastic live and he’s such a beautiful human being.


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