Abby’s Outfits 26-30

Hey so I’m finally done with this challenge…. It really showed me I don’t need as many clothes as I have and it also showed me I really have a tendency to re-wear outfits. I’m gonna do a closet cleanse now but I am still definitely gonna have more that 30 items of clothing. Fun times.

Day 26: We got Shave the Planet this day and yaaaaaaaaa

Day 27: I climbed up in this tree so I could be artsy

Day 28: Really awkward photo…

Day 29: REALLY awkward photo

Day 30: ok. here’s the deal. I had cymbal line auditions from 8-5:30 on this day so I was wearing athletic clothes that time. Then i went to the springtime of youth concert and i had a final outfit picked out and it wasnt a repeat outfit or anything but then i got to my room and i was so tired and ya i repeated an outfit. i realize this is very lame cuz its the last day but i think i made a valiant effort up until this point to not repeat outfits at all, like not even similar outfits. so ya, thats what happened


P.S. I apologize for the amount of peace signs in the photos


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