The Sun

Jessamy Samuels was light. She was grace. She was beauty. She was a gorgeous shade of mustard yellow. She was the person who everyone living in Hotz looked forward to seeing smile when they went downstairs. She was joy. She was a constant presence that was full of happiness. She was the girl most worthy of the many friend crushes she was on the receiving side of. She was life. She was, in her words, the sun.

jess 2

Jess being a babe and loving pumpkins.

The world lost a beautiful soul on Sunday, May 15 when Jessamy fell from a cliff while hiking with a friend. The impact of her death is hitting scores of people as they mourn the loss of someone who was immensely loved. Jess was someone who made you feel like you mattered. Even just a conversation full of small talk with her could leave you feeling like someone really and truly cared about you.

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Jessamy was loved by so many people it is hard for me to count. In the wake of her death, I have been brought to tears multiple times as I read multiple people’s words of mourning as they try to express how much they loved this girl. She truly touched the lives of almost everyone she came across. Even though I was not as close to her as I wish I was, Jess always made sure to make me feel as if how my day was going was actually important to her. She smiled at everyone she knew as she was walking across campus, even if she wasn’t having the best day.

group jess

Jessamy surrounded by people she loved lots and lots and who love her lots and lots right back.

Jess was a secret past One Direction super fan. She was a music lover. She had great fashion sense. Her smile welcomed you into her world. She had just gotten a tattoo of a lotus flower (“no mud, no lotus”). She changed her major to anthropology because she knew that she should love what she was doing. She surrounded herself with the best kinds of people. She might be the only person I know that is going to have just as much influence in her death as she did in her life. She definitely left this world better than it was when she found it.

Thank you for being the sun, Jessamy.

jess 1.jpg-Mallory


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