The Friday Five

OMG IT’S BACK!!! I bet all the regular readers of this blog (aka Abby, who also owns it) thought I had forgotten that this was a thing I write. Well, ha, jokes on them, I just took a two week break because finals and move out are hectic and who wants to remember that they have responsibilities other than school when it’s almost out??? Not me, that’s who!!

  1. Being back in your hometown for the summer is BORING. So I’ve had to figure out ways to occupy myself. These include, but are not limited to, reading any book I can get my hands on, discovering Ladylike on Buzzfeed’s youtube, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, and watching the West Wing.
  2. A plus of being back in ole New Boston is I get to enjoy all the food I’ve missed while away at school eating cafeteria food all the time. I’ve already had Ballpark Fries from Randy’s BBQ twice and we’re eating at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant tonight. Maria’s has the best ranch, so you could say I’m pumped.
  3. I just finished reading The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and let me tell you it is fantastic. It’s a mix of dystopian and fantasy, with a little bit of romance thrown in for fun. I love reading for fun, so I’m pumped to get to do more of it this summer.
  4. Since we last talked, I attended a graduation for my childhood best friend and future roommate, Abby Crawford. It was so surreal to see her graduate because, dang, we’re old. As a child it was impossible for me to imagine myself as older than 16 years old, so having finished my freshman year of college and watching someone else graduate high school was a little bit odd. To celebrate her graduation, her family hosted a crawfish boil and it was the first time I’ve eaten crawfish. They were a lot of work, but sooooo good.
  5. My friends Jacob and Brock are going to Rome this summer and they have to write a blog for it. Jacob’s blog is so go check it out!!



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