The Friday Five

  1. Nearing the end of The West Wing, which has been my go-to Netflix choice since Christmas break. The political drama (which is way better than House of Cards, just btw) is fantastic, and one of my dad’s very favorite shows. It’s been fun to sense him watching the show over my shoulder and ask me where I am/what’s going on.mTWW deals with the political and the personal aspects of working in the White House with grace. IT’S A MUST SEE, GO WATCH IT!!!!
  2. My mom’s been watching One Tree Hill, which is my favorite TV show of all time. I think I’m annoying my mom because I keep accidentally spoiling the show by saying “OH I know what’s happening next!!” or “OH GOSH I KNOW WHO’S BEING INTRODUCED”. Oops.
  3. I saw Captain America: Civil War with my mom today and yall it was so good. I really liked how neither side was painted in a bad light, and you could really actually pick which side you wanted to be on. I also thought it was funny how they used the endings to open up two different movies.
  4. My brother has been using soap to wash his hair for basically his whole life, so today we introduced him to the concept of shampoo. And after we introduced him to the concept of shampoo, he spent fifteen minutes trying to pick out which shampoo he wanted to actually buy. Fun times, yo.
  5. Enough time has passed since I got my tragus pierced that I can change the earring in it, but I don’t know what to buy to put there. The guy who pierced it said I could put anything in it, but I like the curved barbell shape of what is there now. I don’t know where to get something to go there either. IM HAVING A CRISIS. Should I put something sparkly in the hole?? What about some kind of tiny hoop?? I need some help here guys…

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