You want a revolution, I want a revelation

***my title is hamilton lyrics because it is the most perfect***

I’m using this post to fill in the blanks about my life for the last month.


First I went home to Texas for three weeks and got to see my babes for a little bit. It was definitely not enough time but it was good to see everybody. Oh, and also my mom got a puppy.

THEN, I moved into my condo. Here are some pics of my bed and my desk because that’s the only furniture I have so far. There will be a bookshelf eventually.

When I got here, literally the same day we moved into the house, I had drumline camp. Despite the stressful-ness of moving, camp was super fun. We have a lot of awesome personalities on the line and everyone is learning super fast. I’m really excited to see how much we improve over the season. *This pic features me and Becca teaching*IMG_6460These last images are from me and Josh’s adventure yesterday. We went to Terra Studios which is south from Fayetteville. It was definitely more of a children’s place but it had a lot of very cool, kinda creepy art.

Lots of Love,



The Long Game: A Review

The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a sequel to her book The Fixer. Both books are phenomenal. Everything I have ever read that Barnes has written is good quality YA. But y’all. These specific books are LIT. The plot twists are things you would never expect.

The Long Game is a continuation of the book that introduces us to Tess, and her world as she moves to DC. Her sister is this book’s version of Olivia Pope, and as Tess acclimates to Hardwicke (the school where all the power players in Washington send their kids) she becomes the school’s version of her sister. In this book, Barnes throws every plot twist your way and executes those twists’ gracefully. Even though they are out there, they aren’t too much. Sometimes author’s throw twists’ that aren’t pulled off successfully and their book suffers. Barnes does the opposite of that in this book.

THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IN THIS BOOK IS GOLD. You get to see Tess grow. You get to see her group of friends grow. You also get to see character development of someone who you don’t particularly like in the first book. Emilia’s development is out of this world good.

If I would have to rate this book out of 10, I would give it an 9. All of the aspects of a great book are there. Go read this book. Especially if you read The Fixer. And if you haven’t read The Fixer, read that and then read The Long Game.

Here’s where I launch into spoilers. So go read the book. And please buy the book. Barnes only has a two book deal for this series, but if enough people buy these books and give them good reviews and tell other people about them she might be given the opportunity to write another book. And she wants to write this third book. And her readers want another book. SO PLEASE BUY THE BOOKS.

~don’t press read more if you haven’t read the book~

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Hello I am Alive

Well a lot has been going on with me but Mallory told y’all so I don’t have to do that.


Instead here is a picture of my breakfast that I ate a long time ago. Very artsy pic though, right? Should’ve been an art major



The Friday Five

  1. As I lay here at midnight procrastinating going to sleep, I decided to start back up with watching Friends (I finished The West Wing a couple days ago and am completely lost). This show has begun to always remind me of Abby’s favorite story to tell when she wants to demonstrate exactly how in touch I am with my emotions (& how active my tear ducts tend to be). We were watching the episode where Chandler proposes to Monica on a random day in her dorm room while we were killing time (note: we hadn’t watched the episode before it) and it made me cry. I would have forgotten about that incident if it wasn’t for her constantly recounting that story in great depth at least once a month.
  2. My brother, who is in 8th grade, is growing his hair out into a luscious flow. He discovered shampoo in the last month, and now he’s decided to start wearing headbands. It would be fantastic, but his hairline is what some would call receding. We’ll see how this hair project turns out.
  3. My family’s wifi sucks. It is possibly the slowest connection that I have ever tried to use in my life, and refuses to load anything. It super sucks if we attempt to watch Netflix from our tv. I don’t have the worst trouble trying to stream on youtube or Netflix on my laptop, but the tv just requires so much work. And Spotify hates the wifi. The connection is so slow that the song will stop loading or will take quite some time to start playing. Plus it can take me 30 minutes to watch all of my snapchat stories, which makes me really sad. IT IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER.
  4. I will never be able to express how much I love Twitter. Hands down the best social media outlet there is. I love the new poll feature. I love being able to put 4 photos in one tweet. I love the way you can casually interact with people you’ve never met. It’s fantastic.
  5. Just an update on Abby’s life because she’s been MIA recently. We reunited long enough for me to spend the night (we stayed up until 3 AM) and eat brunch at a fantastic place in Fort Worth called Brewed. She took a trip to Fayetteville at the beginning of this week to interview for a job at Savoy Tea (which she found out today she got!!) and she spent the night at Kat’s. She went back to Fay today so she could move in and attend the drumline camp. All of my friends are reuniting and I am stuck in little ole New Boston, Texas with no human interaction other than my family. (I’m dying help me)