You want a revolution, I want a revelation

***my title is hamilton lyrics because it is the most perfect***

I’m using this post to fill in the blanks about my life for the last month.


First I went home to Texas for three weeks and got to see my babes for a little bit. It was definitely not enough time but it was good to see everybody. Oh, and also my mom got a puppy.

THEN, I moved into my condo. Here are some pics of my bed and my desk because that’s the only furniture I have so far. There will be a bookshelf eventually.

When I got here, literally the same day we moved into the house, I had drumline camp. Despite the stressful-ness of moving, camp was super fun. We have a lot of awesome personalities on the line and everyone is learning super fast. I’m really excited to see how much we improve over the season. *This pic features me and Becca teaching*IMG_6460These last images are from me and Josh’s adventure yesterday. We went to Terra Studios which is south from Fayetteville. It was definitely more of a children’s place but it had a lot of very cool, kinda creepy art.

Lots of Love,



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