Babe Thursday: Mallory Melton Edition

I have decided I am going to do this weekly post that I am gonna call Babe Thursday. So every Thursday I will post about why a person in my life is a babe. I figured I would start with my co-blogger, Mallory.



I realize this first picture is kind of derpy but I couldn’t resist. I literally called her a babe in it. Ok, so Mallory is a babe for many reasons. She is a babe because I know I can count on her to listen to all my stories that are so irrelevant. She also tells me equally unimportant stories but I think we have a mutual understanding. She is also always down to hang out which usually means sitting in the same room and showing each other funny things on the internet.


I realize I just made her sound really lame so I want to clarify. Even though she is down to just watch Gilmore Girls for 4 hours, she’s also great to go out with. She’s pretty much cool to do whatever so it is very easy to end up doing some crazy stuff with this girl. It’s ok though cuz you know even if yall are doing something stupid, she will look slammin’ while she’s doing it.


Mallory and I were instant friends and I attribute that to her easy going personality. It feels really natural to have a conversation with her and it is easy to get really comfortable. She is also my band buddy so she understands all my band feels.


Basically Mallory is just a cutie and sweetie and a total babe. I’m really glad we lived on the same floor last year and ended up being besties. In a few weeks it will be our one year Frienda-versary and I can’t wait to see her and celebrate.





I have spent the past week at a mission trip called UM ARMY, which stands for United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth. The week I spend at this camp is always one of my favorites of the year, and y’all this week definitely fits with that ranking!!

Every year we meet up with a church from Houston (Lakewood UMC) and those people are family. Spending a week with the member’s of Lakewood’s youth and the adults of their church each year is SUCH a blessing. Each time I leave them I leave people who mean the entire world to me. I’ve been to a lot of church camps over the years, and leaving every other one is never as sad as it is when I leave UM ARMY. Not everyone you meet welcomes you with open arms like the community we have built with these people. I love them so so so so much!!

It’s always so amazing to spend a week serving God’s creatures alongside people who love Him just as much as you do. I actually got to call myself an “adult” this week, which was so scary but so so so fun!!!! The camp splits each student into color groups, and then each color group into work teams with about 4-5 people in each team. I was the assistant to a color group leader, so I got to follow him around to a total of 5 sites and work with 3 work teams. It was so awesome to see the way these youth worked their lil’ booties off in the name of the Lord, in the super hot sun for people they had never met before. I saw God in every single one of their actions as they interacted with their clients and each other.

I think one of the best things about UM ARMY is how much the youth get to interact with the people they are working for. Two of the red work teams (I was the red Color Group Assistant) got to help replace a kitchen floor, siding, and part of a ceiling (TEENAGERS used POWER TOOLS they had NEVER used before on these projects) in sweet Miss Alma’s house. Miss Alma has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered. She was fantastically funny, but she loved us with her whole heart too. She helped with the work as best as she could, and watched when there was nothing she could do to help. I have never met such a fantastic person before.

Here are some pics of the people I love helping the some of the most gracious and loving human beings I’ve met in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!


PS…sorry this post was such a ramblin’ mess!! I just struggle trying to find the words to describe how awesome this week was for me!!!

Also…I just created a playlist on Spotify that is a duplicate of the CD each vehicle received to listen to in case I ever want to listen to the soundtrack of UM ARMY ’16 again. You can check that out if your heart so desires!!!!!

Why I love Fayetteville

This weekend my friend from Tulsa was here and before she left we were discussing the reasons we love Fayetteville. Here is the list because I believe everyone should know how awesome this city is.

  1. There are so many good coffee shops. You have Onyx which does fantastic speciality coffee. You have Arsaga’s which has a super cool hippie-dippie vibe. There’s Puritan that has beer and coffee and I’m sure the beer is delicious but also I wouldn’t know from personal experience because I am a child. *Savoy (tea not coffee) is also really good because we have so many teas and tea blends to choose from.
  2. There are so many good restaurants. (I promise my entire argument won’t revolve around food.) Hammontree’s and Hugo’s are Fayetteville staples and freakin’ delicious. Farmer’s Table has really great brunch and recently added a dinner menu. I just tried The Green Goat food truck and it was super yummy fusion-y food. There are so many Thai restaurants #blessed.
  3. It’s the kind of place where you want to be outside. Everyone is always riding bikes or walking their dogs or hiking so it is just a outdoorsy paradise. Faytown turns you into the granola person you never knew you could be.
  4. Continuing on the outdoors theme, it’s so pretty up here! The University of Arkansas is such a gorgeous campus because of all the older buildings and trees. Plus anywhere you look around on campus you can see mountains on the horizon…. Actually most places in Fayetteville you can see the mountains. That’s how pretty it is.


So, in summary, Fayetteville is a yummy, happy and beautiful place to be.

p.s. I can’t get rid of the 1. next to my photos…sorry


This is WEIRDD: June

One of my favorite youtubers (Lexie) does a video at the end of each month that’s sort of like a favorites video, but with the acronym WEIRDD. This stands for wearing, eating, impressed by, reading, downloading, and doing. So basically this post is about what we’ve been wearing, eating, impressed by, reading, downloading, and doing in June. Get excited y’all.


Mallory: I spent a week in the sweltering heat camping this month, so I was wearing A LOT of Comfort Colors tank tops over my swimsuits. I wish I was more trendy than that, but it’s hot and I buy larges in these tanks which makes the armholes huge. This allows for a lot of airflow, so I keep cool.

Abby: I have been wearing a lot of work out clothes because I’m actually being active! It’s unbelievable. Kat and I have memberships to UREC which is the university’s athletic facilities and it is pretty great.


Mallory: Lots of veggie straws, dipped in lots and lots of ranch dip. I try to tell myself that this is a healthy snack, but if we’re being real…the health factor of the veggie straws is canceled out by the amount of ranch dip that I cover them with.

Abby: Well…. not to brag but I’ve been cooking a lot lately. I made a mock Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi soup which Kat says was bomb. Then last Sunday we had a Tacos and Hamilton party with a bunch of our friends and I slow cooked the pork for 6 hours and it was comepletely gone by the end of dinner so that makes me think that went well. (People also went back for seconds which is even a better sign that my pork was good) I also made a slaw and a red onion mango salsa that was munched on my most and I enjoyed it but like they weren’t as big of hits as the pork. Moral of the story, lots of cooking and lots of yummy-ness this month.

Impressed By

Mallory: One of my best friends from high school released a self produced & recorded album on iTunes today (the 4th of July). Troy is doing so well, and I am so PROUD of him. The album is called  “Neon” and it’s pretty great. Check it out.

Abby: The weather has been beautiful in Fayetteville this month so Mother Nature has impressed me. She’s got so much on her plate everyday and even so she has taken the time to make NWA a nice place to be. What a gal.


Mallory: 10 books in 6 days. The time we spent camping reading is basically all I did. Most importantly, I feel back in love with Jenny Han’s “Summer” series. This trilogy has been one of my very favorites since I was maybe a freshman in high school. Jenny is such a great author and writes BEAUTIFUL characters.

Abby: I’m spending my summer reading all the books I didn’t get to read in high school or I was supposed to read, but didn’t. 😀 I spent the other day reading The Road by Cormac Mcarthy which was equally depressing as it was well written. Awesome read, just make sure you have some funny tv show to watch afterward. I also just read the short story The Metamorphosis by Kafka that I only got halfway through senior year, (sorry Matt Carpenter) and it was also on the darker side and definitely really weird. I’m sure I would’ve appreciated the symbolism more if I had read it when we were actively discussing it.


Mallory: The West Wing Weekly with Josh Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway. This podcast debuted right as I was finishing the West Wing and I’m into it. They re-watch each episode of the West Wing and then spend about an hour talking about it. They even bring in stars from the show. SO COOL.

Abby: 1. I have recently gotten lots of compliments on my playlist Neanderthal Extinction on spotify so you should probably check it out cuz apparently it is a big deal. 2. This was the month of the Hamilton soundtrack and I can’t really even begin to explain how killer this musical is so just believe me.


Mallory: In all honesty, not that much. I think I’ve been lazier this past month than I have in my entire life. I waste these days away watching things on Netflix and Youtube while I spend a lot of time missing my friends that are scattered around the world.

Abby: I’ve been settling into living life in my own house. Basically just getting my bearings, tryna be healthy tryna be granola, tryna blend it with the Fay-town crowd.

The Friday Five

Sorry I have been neglecting this segment lately, but I haven’t been in town around a computer or internet the past couple of weeks. Plus I haven’t had much to write about. But I’m back!!!

  1. I am so tired of being attacked about the fact that I don’t have a driver’s license yet. At this point, I do want one but it honestly just hasn’t been in the cards for me to do so until this summer. When I’m at school, it’s not really that big of a deal that I don’t drive and no one really teases me about it. When I’m home, it is a whole different story. I just can’t take another minute of adults and teens hounding me about not yet having a driver’s license. What use will it be without a car?? What if driving still freaks me out a little bit?? What if it’s none of your business?? What if this is a conversation we’ve had a million times??
  2. I started Parks and Recreation before I left to go camping with my family. I’m in season 5, but I haven’t picked it back up yet. I haven’t really been in the mood to hard core Netflix binge these past couple of days. That being said, I also convinced my mom to watch Parenthood with my sister and I on the TV so we’ve been doing a couple episodes of that each night. WOOOO fun!!!!!
  3. Brock and Jacob are coming home from Italy, and Brayley is headed to France. She uploaded a super well done vlog about her trip, and is going to continue vlogging throughout her study abroad experience. I would recommend checking it out because she’s super cool which means her videos are going to be super cool!!
  4. Speaking of vlogging, I have been really into weekly or daily vlogs on youtube. I LOVE ayydubs vlogs because Alyx is amazing, and Jennxpenn does a really great job with hers as well. I have also been following Meghan and Lindsey Hughes as they upload vlogs on alternating days for Sister Summer. I honestly have just been really into watching Youtube videos in general lately. I’m loving AwesomenessTV’s The Commute (with Claudia Sulewski), SummerBreak, and anything that is uploaded on ClevverTV and ClevverStyle.
  5. I ordered some Warby Parker try on glasses the other day!! I can’t wait to receive them. After my mom sees how great these glasses look on me, she’ll have no choice but to buy them for me. That’s how this is going to work right??? In all seriousness, I really do need a new pair of glasses with my updated prescription. The glasses I have now are 2-3 years old and at least 2 prescriptions old. My prescription in my right eye has gone up (¿¿is this the right term??) a step so I can’t see as well when I wear my glasses. What a tragedy!!!!!!