The Friday Five

Sorry I have been neglecting this segment lately, but I haven’t been in town around a computer or internet the past couple of weeks. Plus I haven’t had much to write about. But I’m back!!!

  1. I am so tired of being attacked about the fact that I don’t have a driver’s license yet. At this point, I do want one but it honestly just hasn’t been in the cards for me to do so until this summer. When I’m at school, it’s not really that big of a deal that I don’t drive and no one really teases me about it. When I’m home, it is a whole different story. I just can’t take another minute of adults and teens hounding me about not yet having a driver’s license. What use will it be without a car?? What if driving still freaks me out a little bit?? What if it’s none of your business?? What if this is a conversation we’ve had a million times??
  2. I started Parks and Recreation before I left to go camping with my family. I’m in season 5, but I haven’t picked it back up yet. I haven’t really been in the mood to hard core Netflix binge these past couple of days. That being said, I also convinced my mom to watch Parenthood with my sister and I on the TV so we’ve been doing a couple episodes of that each night. WOOOO fun!!!!!
  3. Brock and Jacob are coming home from Italy, and Brayley is headed to France. She uploaded a super well done vlog about her trip, and is going to continue vlogging throughout her study abroad experience. I would recommend checking it out because she’s super cool which means her videos are going to be super cool!!
  4. Speaking of vlogging, I have been really into weekly or daily vlogs on youtube. I LOVE ayydubs vlogs because Alyx is amazing, and Jennxpenn does a really great job with hers as well. I have also been following Meghan and Lindsey Hughes as they upload vlogs on alternating days for Sister Summer. I honestly have just been really into watching Youtube videos in general lately. I’m loving AwesomenessTV’s The Commute (with Claudia Sulewski), SummerBreak, and anything that is uploaded on ClevverTV and ClevverStyle.
  5. I ordered some Warby Parker try on glasses the other day!! I can’t wait to receive them. After my mom sees how great these glasses look on me, she’ll have no choice but to buy them for me. That’s how this is going to work right??? In all seriousness, I really do need a new pair of glasses with my updated prescription. The glasses I have now are 2-3 years old and at least 2 prescriptions old. My prescription in my right eye has gone up (¿¿is this the right term??) a step so I can’t see as well when I wear my glasses. What a tragedy!!!!!!



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