This is WEIRDD: June

One of my favorite youtubers (Lexie) does a video at the end of each month that’s sort of like a favorites video, but with the acronym WEIRDD. This stands for wearing, eating, impressed by, reading, downloading, and doing. So basically this post is about what we’ve been wearing, eating, impressed by, reading, downloading, and doing in June. Get excited y’all.


Mallory: I spent a week in the sweltering heat camping this month, so I was wearing A LOT of Comfort Colors tank tops over my swimsuits. I wish I was more trendy than that, but it’s hot and I buy larges in these tanks which makes the armholes huge. This allows for a lot of airflow, so I keep cool.

Abby: I have been wearing a lot of work out clothes because I’m actually being active! It’s unbelievable. Kat and I have memberships to UREC which is the university’s athletic facilities and it is pretty great.


Mallory: Lots of veggie straws, dipped in lots and lots of ranch dip. I try to tell myself that this is a healthy snack, but if we’re being real…the health factor of the veggie straws is canceled out by the amount of ranch dip that I cover them with.

Abby: Well…. not to brag but I’ve been cooking a lot lately. I made a mock Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi soup which Kat says was bomb. Then last Sunday we had a Tacos and Hamilton party with a bunch of our friends and I slow cooked the pork for 6 hours and it was comepletely gone by the end of dinner so that makes me think that went well. (People also went back for seconds which is even a better sign that my pork was good) I also made a slaw and a red onion mango salsa that was munched on my most and I enjoyed it but like they weren’t as big of hits as the pork. Moral of the story, lots of cooking and lots of yummy-ness this month.

Impressed By

Mallory: One of my best friends from high school released a self produced & recorded album on iTunes today (the 4th of July). Troy is doing so well, and I am so PROUD of him. The album is called  “Neon” and it’s pretty great. Check it out.

Abby: The weather has been beautiful in Fayetteville this month so Mother Nature has impressed me. She’s got so much on her plate everyday and even so she has taken the time to make NWA a nice place to be. What a gal.


Mallory: 10 books in 6 days. The time we spent camping reading is basically all I did. Most importantly, I feel back in love with Jenny Han’s “Summer” series. This trilogy has been one of my very favorites since I was maybe a freshman in high school. Jenny is such a great author and writes BEAUTIFUL characters.

Abby: I’m spending my summer reading all the books I didn’t get to read in high school or I was supposed to read, but didn’t. 😀 I spent the other day reading The Road by Cormac Mcarthy which was equally depressing as it was well written. Awesome read, just make sure you have some funny tv show to watch afterward. I also just read the short story The Metamorphosis by Kafka that I only got halfway through senior year, (sorry Matt Carpenter) and it was also on the darker side and definitely really weird. I’m sure I would’ve appreciated the symbolism more if I had read it when we were actively discussing it.


Mallory: The West Wing Weekly with Josh Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway. This podcast debuted right as I was finishing the West Wing and I’m into it. They re-watch each episode of the West Wing and then spend about an hour talking about it. They even bring in stars from the show. SO COOL.

Abby: 1. I have recently gotten lots of compliments on my playlist Neanderthal Extinction on spotify so you should probably check it out cuz apparently it is a big deal. 2. This was the month of the Hamilton soundtrack and I can’t really even begin to explain how killer this musical is so just believe me.


Mallory: In all honesty, not that much. I think I’ve been lazier this past month than I have in my entire life. I waste these days away watching things on Netflix and Youtube while I spend a lot of time missing my friends that are scattered around the world.

Abby: I’ve been settling into living life in my own house. Basically just getting my bearings, tryna be healthy tryna be granola, tryna blend it with the Fay-town crowd.


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