Why I love Fayetteville

This weekend my friend from Tulsa was here and before she left we were discussing the reasons we love Fayetteville. Here is the list because I believe everyone should know how awesome this city is.

  1. There are so many good coffee shops. You have Onyx which does fantastic speciality coffee. You have Arsaga’s which has a super cool hippie-dippie vibe. There’s Puritan that has beer and coffee and I’m sure the beer is delicious but also I wouldn’t know from personal experience because I am a child. *Savoy (tea not coffee) is also really good because we have so many teas and tea blends to choose from.
  2. There are so many good restaurants. (I promise my entire argument won’t revolve around food.) Hammontree’s and Hugo’s are Fayetteville staples and freakin’ delicious. Farmer’s Table has really great brunch and recently added a dinner menu. I just tried The Green Goat food truck and it was super yummy fusion-y food. There are so many Thai restaurants #blessed.
  3. It’s the kind of place where you want to be outside. Everyone is always riding bikes or walking their dogs or hiking so it is just a outdoorsy paradise. Faytown turns you into the granola person you never knew you could be.
  4. Continuing on the outdoors theme, it’s so pretty up here! The University of Arkansas is such a gorgeous campus because of all the older buildings and trees. Plus anywhere you look around on campus you can see mountains on the horizon…. Actually most places in Fayetteville you can see the mountains. That’s how pretty it is.


So, in summary, Fayetteville is a yummy, happy and beautiful place to be.

p.s. I can’t get rid of the 1. next to my photos…sorry



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