I have spent the past week at a mission trip called UM ARMY, which stands for United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth. The week I spend at this camp is always one of my favorites of the year, and y’all this week definitely fits with that ranking!!

Every year we meet up with a church from Houston (Lakewood UMC) and those people are family. Spending a week with the member’s of Lakewood’s youth and the adults of their church each year is SUCH a blessing. Each time I leave them I leave people who mean the entire world to me. I’ve been to a lot of church camps over the years, and leaving every other one is never as sad as it is when I leave UM ARMY. Not everyone you meet welcomes you with open arms like the community we have built with these people. I love them so so so so much!!

It’s always so amazing to spend a week serving God’s creatures alongside people who love Him just as much as you do. I actually got to call myself an “adult” this week, which was so scary but so so so fun!!!! The camp splits each student into color groups, and then each color group into work teams with about 4-5 people in each team. I was the assistant to a color group leader, so I got to follow him around to a total of 5 sites and work with 3 work teams. It was so awesome to see the way these youth worked their lil’ booties off in the name of the Lord, in the super hot sun for people they had never met before. I saw God in every single one of their actions as they interacted with their clients and each other.

I think one of the best things about UM ARMY is how much the youth get to interact with the people they are working for. Two of the red work teams (I was the red Color Group Assistant) got to help replace a kitchen floor, siding, and part of a ceiling (TEENAGERS used POWER TOOLS they had NEVER used before on these projects) in sweet Miss Alma’s house. Miss Alma has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered. She was fantastically funny, but she loved us with her whole heart too. She helped with the work as best as she could, and watched when there was nothing she could do to help. I have never met such a fantastic person before.

Here are some pics of the people I love helping the some of the most gracious and loving human beings I’ve met in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!


PS…sorry this post was such a ramblin’ mess!! I just struggle trying to find the words to describe how awesome this week was for me!!!

Also…I just created a playlist on Spotify that is a duplicate of the CD each vehicle received to listen to in case I ever want to listen to the soundtrack of UM ARMY ’16 again. You can check that out if your heart so desires!!!!!


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