Babe Thursday: Mallory Melton Edition

I have decided I am going to do this weekly post that I am gonna call Babe Thursday. So every Thursday I will post about why a person in my life is a babe. I figured I would start with my co-blogger, Mallory.



I realize this first picture is kind of derpy but I couldn’t resist. I literally called her a babe in it. Ok, so Mallory is a babe for many reasons. She is a babe because I know I can count on her to listen to all my stories that are so irrelevant. She also tells me equally unimportant stories but I think we have a mutual understanding. She is also always down to hang out which usually means sitting in the same room and showing each other funny things on the internet.


I realize I just made her sound really lame so I want to clarify. Even though she is down to just watch Gilmore Girls for 4 hours, she’s also great to go out with. She’s pretty much cool to do whatever so it is very easy to end up doing some crazy stuff with this girl. It’s ok though cuz you know even if yall are doing something stupid, she will look slammin’ while she’s doing it.


Mallory and I were instant friends and I attribute that to her easy going personality. It feels really natural to have a conversation with her and it is easy to get really comfortable. She is also my band buddy so she understands all my band feels.


Basically Mallory is just a cutie and sweetie and a total babe. I’m really glad we lived on the same floor last year and ended up being besties. In a few weeks it will be our one year Frienda-versary and I can’t wait to see her and celebrate.




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