This is WEIRDD: July


Mallory: Bandana bracelets!!! Each year at UM ARMY we receive a different colored strip of bandana each day that we twist and tie into 5 different bracelets. I wore mine from summer ’15 until sometime in April, so I’m pumped to have them back on my wrists until they fall off.

Abby: I got this denim jumper (overalls?) from Old Navy and I think it is my new favorite thing. It is so comfy and easy to wear and ugh i just love it.


Mallory: I have eaten so much barbecue this month! There’s a place in town called Randy’s and they serve a dish called Ballpark Fries. It’s basically their amazing fries covered in cheese and chopped beef (or whatever meat you choose). I also ate at a place called the Country Tavern in Kilgore during UM ARMY and WHOA was it amazing. I got a giant salad with smoked turkey on top and it was super good. I can dig some good barbecue you guys.

Abby: At this very moment I am making pulled pork tacos that are gonna be delicious but recently I have been doing a lot of eating out. Kat and I tried this Mexican Place called Gabriela’s and its freakin delicious. Really good and reasonably priced.

Impressed By

Mallory: I love daily vlogs, but this month I have really been digging Josh Sobo‘s. The aesthetic of his vlogs is AMAZING. Everything about them is just very visually pleasing to me, so I always make sure to watch them. I’m super impressed that he’s able to make each vlog fit in the theme of the others, almost like Meghan Rienks fits every photo on her instagram to her theme.

Abby: Lin Manuel Miranda. What a talented guy.


Mallory: I just finished Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I’m really into the memoir type things that youtubers and actors have been writing the past couple of years, and Poehler’s was phenomenal. It honestly felt like she was being inspirational without trying to. She is totally honest throughout the entire book, and very candid with the reader. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s even vaguely interested in Amy Poehler.

Abby: Adding on to the Hamilton theme, I’m currently reading “Hamilton: The Revolution.” It is Kat’s and while she is in Disney world I am gonna use it to learn everything I can about Hamilton the musical.


Mallory: I just finished Parks and Recreation on Netflix. This show was hilarious. I fell in love with each of the characters, and was tremendously happy with the way the storyline ended. Go watch it. You’ll fall in love too.

Abby: I finally finished season 1 of Bones. It has been hard for me to get through because I really don’t like Booth but I think he’s really attractive. Plus Emily Deschanel is queen. Basically I’m determined to get through all 12 seasons, so this is probably gonna be a bit of an ordeal.


Mallory: Painting canvases for my dorm this year!! I didn’t really have a lot of decor of my own hanging up last year, so I have been Pinterest-ing the heck out of canvas ideas this summer. I finally decided exactly what I wanted to do, bought canvases and paint, and jumped right into it. I’m actually really happy with the way they are turning out, and I can not wait to hang them up on August 12!!!!

Abby: I got to go back to Texas for a few days and see all my babes which was nice. I definitely could’ve used more time with the baes and I didn’t even get to see Mo which was depressing. Oh whale. You take what you can get.


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