Babe Thursday: Kat Campbell Edition

***It is actually friday and i am actually the worst***

IMG_6548So this is Kat and Kat is my female roommate. so first off, she gets babe points for helping me add estrogen to our environment. She’s also pretty great because she goes to the farmers market with me and she goes hiking with me and she works out with me and she cooks with me and she cleans with me. So basically we are a married couple in our forties.

IMG_6130Kat is also a babe because she introduced me to some of my favorite shows, Buffy, Angel and Gilmore Girls. She even watches Walking Dead for me even though she doesn’t really like it which is pretty cool.

IMG_5247In addition to being a lovely constant companion she is really intelligent and well spoken so thats impressive. She’s also gorgeous and effortlessly rocks bold lipsticks and bangs, a feat not easily mastered. She is just so cool omg and so awesome and rn she’s reading this thinking im gross…

Love love- Abby


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