The Friday Five

  1. It’s so crazy to me how certain music transports you back to different times. When I listen to Halsey, it makes me think of Honors WLIT2 because I listened to her album while I read for that class last fall. When I listen to Zayn’s album, I think of Jesus the Apocalyptic Prophet by Bart D. Ehrman (the book I read and wrote a paper on in a week this spring). Listening to Abby’s Lots of Various Essentials playlist makes me feel like I’m in the front seat of Glenn the Subaru Outback. Music is such a cool thing AND IT’S TIMELESS. I love it.
  2. In a week, I leave New Boston and head back to Fayetteville!!! I’m so excited to be back, but with being back comes responsibilities that I don’t wanna face. The day after I move in, I start all day band rehearsals for a week. The next week I have classes. I just want to be lazy forever y’all!!!
  3. My passion planner came in the mail this week!! I may be way too excited about it. I love the planner’s lay out, and there are so many cool features!! Hopefully, this will help me stay on top of everything I need to get done this year. I can’t wait to be using it for assignments and, well, EVERYTHING. I’m. So. Pumped!!!
  4. I believe that there are two things in this entire world that can instantly improve a girl’s appearance (or at least mine): painted fingernails and earrings. There’s just something about wearing even just the smallest studs in my ears that makes me FEEL 10x prettier than I was just a moment before. The same thing with freshly painted nails. Everything I do when I have new nail polish on feels so pretty and polished and nice and I LOVE IT.
  5. I got my hair cut on Wednesday for the first time in a year. It’s pretty short. It’s so short that I can’t put it in a ponytail (which will be a problem when it’s very very very hot during Early Week for band). I like it, but I also have no clue what to do with it. The front is having a problem finding its natural curl, which is a problem for me. But it’s okay, because I’ve never been attached to hair and I know it grows faster than you think.



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