Babe Thursday: Leah God Bless Edition

Leah is Leah God Bless because when I met her she did not have a cell phone so it was very hard to plan our adventures. When she finally got one it was such a relief that I put her into my phone as Leah God Bless and that is who she has been ever since.


So here is how the story goes. My senior year I was going to be cymbal section leader so it was my job to teach new members of the section. Tanner Trigg (percussion extraordinaire and my percussion teacher) told me the spring of my junior year that there was going to be a freshman girl moving to Aledo and joining the cymbal line. She would come to drum club that spring to learn how to cymbal so that she could be ready for marching season. At those camps I made it my mission to not only teach her cymbals, but make her feel comfortable since she was at a new school. I was trying to learn from mistakes I had made with Mo (another cymbal baby who I sufficiently freaked out at our first meetings because I was overbearing), so with Leah I attempted to be more cool. I’m sure it didn’t come across as cool but either way she wasn’t too freaked out so we ended up spending an afternoon at Starbucks and Walmart.  That’s where that picture above is from and that was where our friendship originated.

Our friendship continued from there during my senior year when we were on the cymbal line and then in the same concert band.  Come to find out, we had a lot more in common than just band. We had very similar fashion views which allowed us to have killer shopping adventures.( why do we always throw peace signs?) 

In addition to the style love, we share an insane love for Wild Child. We even got to see them in concert together in May. Therein lies why Leah is a babe. Even though we have known each other for little over two years and for one of those years I was six hours away, we have remained friends. We talk everyday because our snapstreak is 420 days and counting. Each time we get together we just fall back into our rhythm of being relationship goals. Basically we just go together and I’m really glad I found such a cool friend. What a babe.



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