Babe Thursday: Mo Edition


Mo. She’s a sweet one, yes she is. When I met her I thought she was shy. HA. I quickly realized how wrong that assumption was. Mo is one of the funniest, original and most genuine people I know. I have seen her grow from a crazy young child to a crazy, but more mature adult.


I’m always surprised by Mo. I’m never quite sure how she will react to a situation but I can always assume it will involve her contorting her face into some weird position and making a noise that doesn’t sound like it should’ve come out of a person. Despite how unpredictable she is in public, Mo is one of the most steady friends I have had. She will always snap me back and if I call her, we usually end up talking for hours. She even came to visit me in Arkansas (She came to visit me not to see the Commodores. She would never use me like that 😉 img_0048

I feel very lucky to have Mo in my life. Being so close with someone much younger than me was not something I expected, but I now realize I wouldn’t want to live without. This is Mo’s senior year and I’m so excited to see where her post high school grad life takes her. I know the stories she tells me are only gonna get more exciting. So glad to have this babe in my life.




Priorities and Personalities

Okay so I wrote this the other night while I was avoiding writing a paper, and I decided to post it un-edited instead of The Friday Five. Enjoy y’all!

At this moment, I am sitting in Mullins Library after showering for the night. I have been working on homework all day, yet I still have so much to do. I am currently working on starting a paper that is due Friday. It is almost Thursday. But I was thinking in the shower, and I wanted to share those thoughts with anyone who wants to read them.

I have noticed that I am having trouble prioritizing things that need to get done. I feel as if there are four different personas to Mallory. There is the Work Mallory, School Mallory, Recording Secretary Mallory, and just Mallory. Work Mallory has to actually go to work and prepare for work. She has to enter her time and reports. School Mallory has to go to class and read for class. She also has to make sure that assignments get done on time and that she is preparing for those assignments well ahead of time. Recording Secretary Mallory has been slacking – but maybe has finally caught up. She has to take attendance, or make sure it is being taken at all kinds of events. She has to remind people that they should do things so that she can do her job. RecSec Mallory has to attend office hours, exec meetings, and chapter, but also remember to actually participate in the organization. And actual just Mallory has to remember to do laundry and clip her fingernails, and make sure she is getting enough Jesus.

I have not been prioritizing these Mallory personas well. Everything that I do feels like it something that has to be done. Even reading for class, which I enjoy, feels like work. I keep forgetting to take care of myself. I know that I should go to bible study and worship services, but I have so much homework! But then I realize that I can’t get any homework done because I am restless.

I guess the point of this post is to say that I have not been taking care of myself, and I have been neglecting my relationship with God. I have been making excuses, which is unacceptable. I am making this post so that I can hold myself accountable for what is being prioritized. So maybe this didn’t make sense, but it is being written instead of paper at 11:00 PM. What did you expect?


Babe Thursday: Darby Abbett Edition

It’s back. Your favorite weekly post (sorry mallory). Anyway here we go.

img_1692Such cute. Very love. Sorry I instinctively reverted back to high school me when I saw this picture of me and Darbs in the Bearcat Regiment. Darby has been in it (it being me) since like middle school. Long time babe. We really became besties when we had to be in ensembles in band and we talked about how it was impossible to find a good clarinet player (once again, no offense Mallory). Moral of the story, Darby and I started as band buddies and gradually evolved into being hanging out every weekend buddies.

Darby has been a fashion inspiration to me for a while now. She wears what she wants, how she wants, and she don’t care what you think about it. She has always supported me in my odd fashion choices and only called me a hobo because our physics teacher also called me hobo. That’s a pretty real friend, if you ask me.

img_5765Alas, Darby and I have had a tumultuous last year due to the fact that we go to colleges FIVE HOURS AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. But, each time I come home, we pick up just like old times, so I am not too worried about our friendship deteriorating because of the distance. I am mostly worried about my own Darby interaction levels which are consistently too low. All in all, Darby is babe because she loves fandoms as much as I do, she is cooler than me and she has always been there for me.

What a babe.



The Friday Five

  1. TOMORROW IS THE FIRST RAZORBACK FOOTBALL GAME OF THE SEASON!!! Woo pig, but also I am dreading standing in the heat for 4+ hours straight. But it will be okay, because I love band and football games are fun and woo pig sooie amiright????
  2. I was so crazy for scheduling my Tuesday/Thursday’s the way that I did this semester. I go nonstop from 8 AM until after 9 PM each one of them and I die. It’s a good thing only having one class on MWF is a thing, or I would be DED, dead at the end of the week.
  3. I am already drowning in reading for this semester. Who knew that taking two English classes, a history class, and a political science class would do that to you? I did, but somehow ended up in this situation anyway.
  4. I am so happy that Nick is the next bachelor. I didn’t want anyone but Luke to get the gig, but I didn’t even consider Nick doing it!! I am so glad that there’s no way that he can be a runner-up on his own season. I honestly didn’t like him very much during Andie’s season, but he has killed it on BIP this summer and I have grown to love that cute lil man.
  5. I know that I’m doing too much in a day when I walk over 12,000 steps. Honestly, it makes me feel so accomplished when my FitBit vibrates after I hit my goal. THANKS FOR THE TECH MOM AND DAD!!!!

This is WEIRDD: August


Mallory: adidas Superstars. Y’all, I got a pair of these during my annual shopping trip with my grandma, and I love them so much. They look good with basically anything. They sort of dress up a basic t-shirt/shorts combo and dress down a t shirt dress and look good with jeans and a shirt and are my favorite.

Abby: Men’s short sleeve button downs are the best things ever because you can wear them buttoned or unbuttoned with a crop top underneath. You can wear ’em tied or you can pop the collar. Actually no, you can’t pop the collar but you get the idea. They are versatile and I love them.


Mallory: I have been back on campus, which means I’ve been eating a lot of Brough. Like too much Brough. Like someone please provide me with better food/shorter lines for lunch. No but for real, I am so sad because Brough normally has very very very good ranch, and lately they have been serving it in subpar packets. What is up with that??????

Abby: JT’s aunt bought us some groceries so we are getting to eat fancy meats like pork and beef. It’s not just chicken now. Blessed.

Impressed By

Mallory: Abigail Paige Patty. She has been so stressed lately, and she still has time to hang out with me and be a section leader and work and do school. She threw me a hella birthday party complete with Chick-fil-a nuggets and multiple games of Mafia. She handles her crap well guys. Keep doing you Abby Patty.

Abby: Wow^ she so sweet. Since I did a Mallory Babe Thursday I won’t make her the thing I am impressed by, even though she is very impressive. I am impressed by the Razorback cymbal line because they are really keeping up the good work even though we are all more stressed now because of school. Good job guys.


Mallory: Have you ever heard of The Gallagher Girl series by Ally Carter?? WELL, they are my very favorite books by one of my favorite authors and at the beginning of this month I decided to reread them all before I got super busy with school. It was a great decision. If you don’t enjoy reading about girl spies kicking butt, then what are you doing with your life????

Abby: Ha. Um I had to read an article called “On Bullshit” for my philosophy class. It was super interesting. A main argument by the author is that bullshitters are more detrimental to society than liars because liars recognize the truth but chose to ignore it. Bullshitters don’t care about or even know the truth, their only concern is accomplishing whatever they expect their bullshit to accomplish. So bullshitters are less in touch with reality. Interesting stuff.


Mallory: The Lumineers newest album, Cleopatra. It is the perfect soundtrack to use as background noise as I read for class or prepare for the next day. The lyrics are beautifully written and HIS VOICE!!! 10/10 would recommend giving this album a listen if you haven’t already.

Abby: Exquisite Corpse. It is a bonus track on Watsky’s newest album and it has Daveed Diggs on it. It is a 9 minute rap about an apocalypse with robot (?) zombie chickens and it is about as amazing as it sounds. Check it out.


Mallory: SCHOOL. Specifically, reading for class. Past me thought it was an amazing idea to schedule only English and History classes for this semester, which basically means reading a ton of material for every class I have to take. I’m reading this stuff all at the same time. It’s exhausting, but also fascinating.

Abby: Riding the bus. I spend so much of my day on the green route it is ridiculous. I ride it up to campus and away from campus, it is my new most frequented spot.