The Friday Five

  1. TOMORROW IS THE FIRST RAZORBACK FOOTBALL GAME OF THE SEASON!!! Woo pig, but also I am dreading standing in the heat for 4+ hours straight. But it will be okay, because I love band and football games are fun and woo pig sooie amiright????
  2. I was so crazy for scheduling my Tuesday/Thursday’s the way that I did this semester. I go nonstop from 8 AM until after 9 PM each one of them and I die. It’s a good thing only having one class on MWF is a thing, or I would be DED, dead at the end of the week.
  3. I am already drowning in reading for this semester. Who knew that taking two English classes, a history class, and a political science class would do that to you? I did, but somehow ended up in this situation anyway.
  4. I am so happy that Nick is the next bachelor. I didn’t want anyone but Luke to get the gig, but I didn’t even consider Nick doing it!! I am so glad that there’s no way that he can be a runner-up on his own season. I honestly didn’t like him very much during Andie’s season, but he has killed it on BIP this summer and I have grown to love that cute lil man.
  5. I know that I’m doing too much in a day when I walk over 12,000 steps. Honestly, it makes me feel so accomplished when my FitBit vibrates after I hit my goal. THANKS FOR THE TECH MOM AND DAD!!!!

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