This is WEIRDD: August


Mallory: adidas Superstars. Y’all, I got a pair of these during my annual shopping trip with my grandma, and I love them so much. They look good with basically anything. They sort of dress up a basic t-shirt/shorts combo and dress down a t shirt dress and look good with jeans and a shirt and are my favorite.

Abby: Men’s short sleeve button downs are the best things ever because you can wear them buttoned or unbuttoned with a crop top underneath. You can wear ’em tied or you can pop the collar. Actually no, you can’t pop the collar but you get the idea. They are versatile and I love them.


Mallory: I have been back on campus, which means I’ve been eating a lot of Brough. Like too much Brough. Like someone please provide me with better food/shorter lines for lunch. No but for real, I am so sad because Brough normally has very very very good ranch, and lately they have been serving it in subpar packets. What is up with that??????

Abby: JT’s aunt bought us some groceries so we are getting to eat fancy meats like pork and beef. It’s not just chicken now. Blessed.

Impressed By

Mallory: Abigail Paige Patty. She has been so stressed lately, and she still has time to hang out with me and be a section leader and work and do school. She threw me a hella birthday party complete with Chick-fil-a nuggets and multiple games of Mafia. She handles her crap well guys. Keep doing you Abby Patty.

Abby: Wow^ she so sweet. Since I did a Mallory Babe Thursday I won’t make her the thing I am impressed by, even though she is very impressive. I am impressed by the Razorback cymbal line because they are really keeping up the good work even though we are all more stressed now because of school. Good job guys.


Mallory: Have you ever heard of The Gallagher Girl series by Ally Carter?? WELL, they are my very favorite books by one of my favorite authors and at the beginning of this month I decided to reread them all before I got super busy with school. It was a great decision. If you don’t enjoy reading about girl spies kicking butt, then what are you doing with your life????

Abby: Ha. Um I had to read an article called “On Bullshit” for my philosophy class. It was super interesting. A main argument by the author is that bullshitters are more detrimental to society than liars because liars recognize the truth but chose to ignore it. Bullshitters don’t care about or even know the truth, their only concern is accomplishing whatever they expect their bullshit to accomplish. So bullshitters are less in touch with reality. Interesting stuff.


Mallory: The Lumineers newest album, Cleopatra. It is the perfect soundtrack to use as background noise as I read for class or prepare for the next day. The lyrics are beautifully written and HIS VOICE!!! 10/10 would recommend giving this album a listen if you haven’t already.

Abby: Exquisite Corpse. It is a bonus track on Watsky’s newest album and it has Daveed Diggs on it. It is a 9 minute rap about an apocalypse with robot (?) zombie chickens and it is about as amazing as it sounds. Check it out.


Mallory: SCHOOL. Specifically, reading for class. Past me thought it was an amazing idea to schedule only English and History classes for this semester, which basically means reading a ton of material for every class I have to take. I’m reading this stuff all at the same time. It’s exhausting, but also fascinating.

Abby: Riding the bus. I spend so much of my day on the green route it is ridiculous. I ride it up to campus and away from campus, it is my new most frequented spot.


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