Babe Thursday: Darby Abbett Edition

It’s back. Your favorite weekly post (sorry mallory). Anyway here we go.

img_1692Such cute. Very love. Sorry I instinctively reverted back to high school me when I saw this picture of me and Darbs in the Bearcat Regiment. Darby has been in it (it being me) since like middle school. Long time babe. We really became besties when we had to be in ensembles in band and we talked about how it was impossible to find a good clarinet player (once again, no offense Mallory). Moral of the story, Darby and I started as band buddies and gradually evolved into being hanging out every weekend buddies.

Darby has been a fashion inspiration to me for a while now. She wears what she wants, how she wants, and she don’t care what you think about it. She has always supported me in my odd fashion choices and only called me a hobo because our physics teacher also called me hobo. That’s a pretty real friend, if you ask me.

img_5765Alas, Darby and I have had a tumultuous last year due to the fact that we go to colleges FIVE HOURS AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. But, each time I come home, we pick up just like old times, so I am not too worried about our friendship deteriorating because of the distance. I am mostly worried about my own Darby interaction levels which are consistently too low. All in all, Darby is babe because she loves fandoms as much as I do, she is cooler than me and she has always been there for me.

What a babe.




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