Babe Thursday: Mo Edition


Mo. She’s a sweet one, yes she is. When I met her I thought she was shy. HA. I quickly realized how wrong that assumption was. Mo is one of the funniest, original and most genuine people I know. I have seen her grow from a crazy young child to a crazy, but more mature adult.


I’m always surprised by Mo. I’m never quite sure how she will react to a situation but I can always assume it will involve her contorting her face into some weird position and making a noise that doesn’t sound like it should’ve come out of a person. Despite how unpredictable she is in public, Mo is one of the most steady friends I have had. She will always snap me back and if I call her, we usually end up talking for hours. She even came to visit me in Arkansas (She came to visit me not to see the Commodores. She would never use me like that 😉 img_0048

I feel very lucky to have Mo in my life. Being so close with someone much younger than me was not something I expected, but I now realize I wouldn’t want to live without. This is Mo’s senior year and I’m so excited to see where her post high school grad life takes her. I know the stories she tells me are only gonna get more exciting. So glad to have this babe in my life.




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