Babe Thursday: Birthgiver Edition

This is it. The moment you have all been waiting for. The JULIA PATTY POST.

This is Julia pre-Abby but it should be noted that she was my age in these pictures. I guess Julia would be considered my OG babe cuz she was there from day one when I was a babe. She made me who I am today and I think she did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.


I’m starting with this throwback to when we were both ugly. Also @mom you can’t be mad, I found this on your facebook. So if it’s not obvious from the above image, me and mom look pretty similar. This is exciting for me because Julia is a pretty woman, so I have a high probability of being a pretty woman.

Julia has given me many things. My obsessive cleanliness. My healthy diet. My love for the Sound of Music. I appreciate those things, but the way she conducts herself has been more beneficial than those will ever be. Julia is incredibly classy and well-mannered but she also knows how to be relaxed and ridiculous. Many of my childhood memories involve her singing some made up song or making jokes that weren’t even that funny but because she was laughing, I was laughing. img_5702

mom is babe. ya.




This is WEIRDD: September


Mallory: My new pair of American Eagle “Tomgirl” jeans. These are basically AE’s take on a mixture of boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. The pair I’ve been really into has a button fly (aka 3 or 4 buttons where the zipper should be), are a little high waisted, and are a very dark wash. I really like styling them with a tiny cuff at the bottom, and either a basic t shirt tucked in or a tighter fitting crop top. I think that boyfriend jeans are actually cute as heck, so I’m really loving the one pair I have acquired.

Abby: PANTS AND SLEEVES. It is slowly but surely getting chilly here in Arkansas and I love it. Be sure to check back in a month from now when I’m hating my life because I’m freezing to death.


Mallory: Lots and lots of Chick-fil-a from the University of Arkansas Student Union. Waffle fries are actually one of my favorite foods. I also have been eating a lot of food at Abby and Kat’s house, so a lot of pasta bake leftovers. They are both pretty good at cooking, so it’s a win-win when I happen to come over and they have already made dinner.

Abby: I have being eating pasta bakes as Mallory said above. They are really nice because they are so filling and relatively cheap to make.

Impressed By

Mallory: Lin-Manuel Miranda. I finally got around to listening to Hamilton all the way through, and y’all, it’s killer. I also just started reading Hamilton the Revolution – and I have decided Lin is a brilliant man.

Abby: The RMB cymbal line. These cool cats have been really working their butts off and continuing to improve as the season has gone on.

LOL just realized I said the cymbal line last month but oh well. I still mean it.


Mallory: I have been reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan during my quiet time in the mornings while I drink my morning coffee. This book has really helped me understand the love that God has for us, while also made me feel really called to do more for Him. (I also read The Cursed Child and love love loved it.)

Abby: OMG I read the Cursed Child and reverted back to my 9 year old self. Harry Potter is the BE$T OMG.


Mallory: Mr. Student Body President on the go90 app. One of my favorite youtubers, Arden Rose, is the second lead and honestly it is so good. Very youtube star studded, very nicely written. I would recommend checking it out.

Abby: I love Splendor and Misery. Its a rap concept album about a slave uprising in space. Basically that description is not doing it justice and you need to listen to it and you will understand. Fun fact: It makes great study music.


Mallory: Currently, I have been drinking soooo much coffee. Starbucks, Arsagas in the Law Library, Onyx, Mama Carmens, the morning cup I make in my Keurig. If it’s coffee, I’ll drink it. To be quite honest, I’m drinking way too much of it – BUT I CAN’T STOP.

Abby: Making life plans. Making to do lists. Scheduling out every minute of every day. Pretending I have my life together. You know, the usual.