Life Plan




I am making this post as a way of holding myself accountable. These are my goals.


  1. Eat Healthier
  2. Take Care of My Body
  3. Plan Out My Week (And Stick to the Plan)
  4. Spend Less


Thanks for being my witnesses.


The Friday Five


  1. Breaks are crazy, because I know that there is work that I should be doing but I don’t want toooooo. I should practice my clarinet. I should work on my world civ final projects. I should fill out an internship application. But instead, I’ve watched three episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival and 10 black Friday hauls on Youtube. It’s fine. I’m FINE.
  2. I am so grateful that I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year. Last year, I was stuck in Fayetteville because I had to play at the football game the next day. Staying in an empty dorm is actually pretty great (just fun facts), but being back with family both on Thanksgiving and earlier today was such a great feeling!!!!
  3. I also remembered today that last Thanksgiving I dropped a glass at my friends family’s house (Jacob invited Abby and I to his family’s Thanksgiving meals) and I was very embarrassed about it. Like….not cool Mallory. They were obviously super chill about it and had the broken glass cleaned up in less than two minutes, but it was a very traumatizing moment in my life.
  4. I keep freaking out and needing to look at my planner to make sure that there isn’t something else I should be doing. I also keep remembering things I need to write down on my to-do list. I am a mess without my Passion Planner!!!
  5. I am very excited for Christmas themed Youtube videos to start. I absolutely love watching vlogmas videos and THEY ARE ALMOST BACK. Also Christmas gift guides? And what I got for Christmas hauls? TOO MUCH Y’ALL. Just thought you should know I am pumped.


The Friday Five

  1. Julianne Clements, aka one of the most amazing people I know, got engaged last Saturday at the end of the Razorback game. Julianne is one of the drum majors and the president of the Psi Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma. Coby proposed as she was leaving the drum major ladder for the last time and it was BEAUTIFUL. ESPN has also featured the engagement video on all of their social medias. Julianne is one of the most loving people I know. She spends all of her time serving God and the organizations she belongs to and I am infinitely happy for her and Coby to continue their relationship.
  2. My youth director from my church in New Boston sent me an AMAZING care package complete with two kinds of homemade cookies, a giant Reese’s bar, various rice crispy treats, nail polish, a Christmas tree ornament, two leggings, and one of those super cool puff ball keychains. I am super grateful because this came at a time where I needed a pick me up.
  3. I need to talk about the character of Ainsley Hayes on The West Wing. I love her so much. She is an awesome foil for basically all of the main characters in the show and SHE IS SUCH A STRONG WOMAN. I love when writers write women characters that I root for like Ainsley. She’s great and I love her and that’s all.
  4. IT WAS BID DAY YESTERDAY. I am so excited to welcome new sisters into this organization that means so darn much for me. TBS has been a huge support system in my life and these girls keep me grounded and I can’t wait to be the sister to new membership candidates that the older members were to me. I already love every single one of the people who received a bid, so I can not wait to get to know each and everyone of them more as the year continues.
  5. I am leaving for Mississippi State University for the game tomorrow as a part of the pep band that is traveling. I am so excited to get a little of a break from Fayetteville, and to see my good friend Quin Gray who is a member of the MSU band. I love the clarinets that are traveling along with me and Abby is coming too and I am so very excited to spend time with these people. This is my first actual away trip (because the whole band goes to Dallas and Little Rock) with the Razorback Marching Band and I am very excited to experience it.


Babe Thursday: Emma Patty Edition

img_5842“What you call me?” -Emma Patty. “You are a babe Emma.” -Meimg_5377

Emma Patty has always been there for me. When I was a baby she watched me throw up all over myself and now that I’m an adult she tells everyone that story. I can always count on Emma to keep me grounded. She is always there to knock down my pride with embarrassing stories. What a babe ūüôā


Ok but seriously, in addition to bringing me down Emma also builds me up. She calls me her favorite sister and Miss Perfect. So thats nice. In all honesty Emma Patty is probably my favorite person. She is funnier than anyone else, she is more forgiving than anyone else and she is just better than everyone else. Emma is the most babe.img_0112

Love you,


What’s the Tea Tuesday?

I am starting a new blog segment called “What’s the Tea Tuesday?” On Tuesdays I will drink tea, tell you about the tea and tell you the T. T being short for Truth so I will use this as a way to talk about topics that I think we need to discuss the truth about. Mostly I am just using this as an excuse to drink more tea… It’s gonna be fun. I want to preface this by saying I am going to try and cover a range of topics from anthropology to politics to social to food. I don’t intend this to be super heavy but more of something interesting you can read while drinking tea.


What’s the Tea?¬†Today I am drinking¬†Pink Pepper Chai¬†from Savoy (if you click the name of the tea it will take you to where you can buy some). Ok so this Chai is not like your normal chai because it has pink peppercorns in it. They add just a little extra kick and I need that this Tuesday morning. This black tea¬†also has cinnamon, ginger, cardamon and clove. Also, since it is a chai, it goes well with milk and sugar.It’s just really interesting and the perfect tea for a chilly November.

What’s the T? Something that has been bothering me lately is people’s misunderstanding of scientific theories. By that I do not mean a misunderstanding of the concept of cell theory but rather a misunderstanding of the meaning of the word “theory” in a scientific context. The National Center for Science Education defines theory as “…a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.” It should also be noted that scientific theories explain something that can’t be proven. This does not make them any less valid, it just means they describe phenomena for which there is no quantitative means of proving. This is different from the colloquial way we use theory, where it is just a possible explanation for a situation. These are very distinct because a scientific theory is supported by large amounts of data whereas a colloquial theory is supported by minimal observations and opinions.

Here’s a situation: You live in a house with two roommates. You leave cookies on the counter. When you come home all your cookies are gone. In this situation it would make sense to say “I have a theory that Susan ate the cookies because she loves cookies,” and this would be a solid theory in the colloquial sense of the word. However, it would not be considered a good scientific theory because it is not supported by massive amounts of data and it can be proven true or false. Additionally, if your other roommate Joe heard you say this and he said, “I don’t believe your theory,” that would makes sense in this situation because Joe knows he ate the cookies.

The problem arises when you try to extend the theory principle from the cookie situation to a scientific situation. ¬†A scientific theory has significant amounts of evidence so “not believing” is denying facts.¬†The principle that describe gravity is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Even though it is based on a theory, most people wouldn’t say they don’t believe in gravity. This translates to lots of other theories, Theory of Evolution, Heliocentric Theory, …and so on.

Go order some Pink Pepper Chai and hopefully you either 1) learned something or 2) you were already an expert on theories.

The Friday Five

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy. And today, I have a lot to say.

  1. I went to sleep on Tuesday night before the election had been called for every state, but late enough in the game to know that Donald Trump would probably win the election. I watched this happen with a group of my very close friends, sitting close to each other (at one point, one of my friends was basically sitting on top of me and acting as sort of a security blanket) in an effort to comfort the people around us as it became¬†clear that we would not agree with the outcome. That night, I dreamed that something amazing had occurred that led to Clinton winning the election and it was a brief relief from the not great feelings I have now. I felt a lot of love sitting in my friends’ apartment Tuesday night, and I am grateful for that. I think the love I felt while surrounded by some of my closest friends is something I’ll remember for a while.
  2. I cried a lot Wednesday morning before I went into work. Mostly because my father posted this about the election on Facebook, which made me think about a lot of stuff.screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-12-09-09-pmThis statement made me think a lot about the people that my dad would have to look in the face that day. He is an band director and a lot of his students are in the minority. He had to look his students that are members of the LGBTQ+ community knowing that they live in a country where the Vice President believes and supports conversion therapy. He had to look at his African American students knowing that they live in country that supports a man who advocates for hate. He had to look Hispanic students in the face knowing that the President Elect does not want to represent them with love, and all of this made me really sad.
  3. Yesterday in my WLIT class, we didn’t talk about literature at all. We had a very productive conversation about the election. I think it’s really important to make sure that every conversation that is had about the election be productive. I have A LOT of feelings about it, but I’m trying so so so hard to make sure I don’t reflect any sort of hate. My friend Jacob has been talking about responding to the results with an outpouring of love, and I agree. Love is so important.
  4. I shared a Facebook post about how so many diverse women did well in races other than the presidential one, and one of my friends commented on it with this super cool list that has even more details. Facebook has been very fascinating to me the past couple of days as I watch people with differing opinions try to express them. I’ve been really proud of one of my best friends, Sara, as she makes clear and insightful posts that help her express her opinions. I have a lot of things to say, but a lot of the time, I don’t know how to do so in an educated matter so I keep my mouth shut and mostly just share her posts. I’ve also been thinking a lot about echo chambers, which basically is what we settle ourselves into if we only follow or talk to people who have the same beliefs as we do, so I’ve been trying really hard not to unfriend others who I disagree with.
  5. This has been a really weird week, but I am so glad that I have the people who are in my life. Today is the Psi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma’s birthday and we get to celebrate it which I am SO excited about because it has brought so many awesome people into my life. I also really just want to say that I have super great friends, who challenge me everyday to love and accept others.

Sorry this was super long and scatterbrained but I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS y’know!!!!


Babe Thursday: Razorback Cymbal Line Edition Part 2

All the cymbal ladies, now put your hands up!


It’s time for the real muscle behind the line, the cymbal ladies!


First up we have Amber. Amber is pretty babe-ilicous because at drumline auditions she came straight to cymbals. Didn’t wanna play anything else, so she is pretty OG. Amber is super funny and super with it and just a super member of the line. I can always count on her. As I have gotten to know her over the season I have come to realize she is also a great friend. Amber is always down to hear my stories and Amber is also always down to say it like it is. She is just super real.


COLLETTE. This small one is very babe. She quickly picked up technique and established her place on the line. She is more relevant than the rest of us and tends to know more pop songs than the average person. Coco always has a smile on her face and isn’t really one to complain. I appreciate the respect I get from her and I respect her more for it. Solid girl. Babe.


I was really excited when I found out Kelsey was gonna be a part of the cymbal line this year. She seemed really cool and I figured in turn she would enhance the cymbal line’s coolness factor. She did the best she could and I would argue we are a little bit cooler now. Kelsey laughs at most things I say and I choose to think thats because she thinks I’m funny not because I’m ridiculous. Kelsey is just a total babe because she’s very chill and very skilled.


SSSAAARRRAAAHHH. Sarah joined us late in the game and has had to work very hard to catch up with us. Her improvements over the season have been tenfold and I know she will keep improving as time goes on. Sarah is another one of those people who keeps me laughing. I really appreciate that whenever I make faces at her she just makes faces back. It has been good getting to know her this season. Lots of love for this babe.


Mom. Becca is my other half. The peanut to my butter. The anthro to my pology. The AV to my crash. She continuously impresses me with her ability to balance school and band and work and Kappa Kappa Psi and still manages to have time to be a huge influence on me. As section leader she sets a great example. As an anthropology student she gives me advice. And as my friend, she keeps me grounded. Endless love for this babe.


The women of the cymbal line are strong (in more ways than one) and inspiring. I hope everyone aspires to be like a cymbal line lady one day. They are babes.

Babe Thursday: Razorback Cymbal Line Edition Part 1


Ok so this post is gonna be a long one, so long in fact I am splitting it into two editions (guys and then girls).


Let’s start with this youngin’. This is Kevin. Kevin is a babe mostly because he doesn’t put up with my shit. He is really sassy (whether he intends it or not) and he always says the right thing to make me laugh. I’m really not sure if he’s trying to be funny but that is why you just gotta love Kevin. Who knows if he is being serious or not? In addition to his ‘tude Kevin is also my little cymbal clone. He catches on to everything super quickly and is very good about keeping his shit together. I can always count on Kevin to be doing everything right. Way to be cool Kevin. #babe


Next up we have Austin. Austin is one of those people who you think is really sweet and quiet but actually you are comepletely wrong. He constantly catches me off-guard with his savage comments. I’m sure he’s joking but that doesn’t make them any less hilarious. Austin is a consistent and very skilled member of the line. He helps to get me through long rehearsals and even longer football games and I really appreciate that. Also he loves musicals which is pretty cool. Babe.


Scott Sewell (pronounced like school without the ch) is an all around great guy. We are costume buddies which is a very important part of our friendship. Scott is always dancing and is really the only reason pep rallies are bearable. Scott is babe because he is just super down for whatever, super encouraging and super funny. Thanks Scott for being a babe all day, everyday.IMG_4813.JPG

Kyle. Another great Guy-le. He is one of the funniest people I know. He is like everything that you love to hate about frat boys except you don’t hate him cuz he is Kyle. Kyle is the raw-est dude I know (that’s a compliment for those of you who aren’t up with the lingo) and he is a great edition to the cymbal line. He has mastered all the technique and quickly picks up visuals. He’s just really nice and ya, I love Kyle.


Ok so Jared’s most babe quality has to be his deep voice. Like damn, it is killer. Jared is also a passionate Razorback fan and has produced some of the most iconic screaming cymbal player faces. Jared has always been super cool whether it was when he was chatting with me in the stands or getting ready for the next show. I can always count on him. BABE.


The final cymbal guy is Zach. RIP Zach because this is his senior year. It is gonna be super not cool next year without him. He is definitely¬†the most enthusiastic about Razorback football which is obviously a babe-worthy quality. He also has a really great southern accent that I have made fun of but maybe it’s cuz i was jealous. Mostly he is just very encouraging and receptive and both of those qualities add to his babe-ness.img_6670

All in all the guys of the cymbal line are some of the nicest, funniest and coolest dudes I know. That is why they are babes.


This is WEIRDD: October


Mallory: A sweatshirt that says “peanut butter” on it from I get so many compliments and it is so comfy. 10/10 would recommend.

Abby: Shorts?????!!?!??? Why is it 80 degrees. October was so warm. I am upset. I have sweaters that need to be worn.


Mallory: My favorite thing to get when I go into Brough these days is a plate of fries with cheese sauce, bacon bits, and ranch on top. This is so so so unhealthy but I am a sucker for fake cheese sauce and ranch sooooo….what can I say??

Abby: The Honkey from Hammontrees. I went to Hammontrees twice this month which was awesome because it is so good. The Honkey is on sourdough bread with bacon, mayo, artichokes and lots of melty cheese. Mmmmmm goodness

Impressed By

Mallory: Honestly, myself. Over this past month, I have been facing some fears. I went to a concert ALONE to see Alex and Sierra when they performed on campus for free because I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, and I also walked into class late. Last semester, I would have never gone into class late with a steaming cup of Starbucks. I would have just turned around, BUT NOT NOW!

Abby: Lipstick. This is a newish thing for me but I have decided lipstick is my favorite type of makeup. It is totally commands a look and there are so many color options. Lip stick is fun. Lipstick, you rock.


Mallory: I haven’t exactly read anything for fun lately, which really makes me sad. I have been reading a whole lot of Romantic poetry for class, which has been fun until your realize you have a test over 50+ poems this week!!!!



Mallory: I JUST DISCOVERED CHANCE THE RAPPER. His mixtape “Coloring Book” is actually so fantastic. He is such a clever guy, and it’s just really nice.

Abby: Ok so I think this only a feature if you have Spotify Premium but I do and its super cool. Spotify takes the different kinds of music you listen to and makes you new playlists with it every day. They are called Daily Mixes and it is just great. I have like a chill, folky one, a musical/disney one, a rap one and an oldies but goodies one. I love it because it satisfies whatever kind of music mood I am in each day. Thanks Spotify, you get me.


Mallory: I have spent a whole bunch of time sitting in Abby’s place of business, Savoy, drinking tea and doing homework. This shop has such a great atmosphere for getting stuff done, but I do end up buying a whole lot of drinks I don’t actually need – but they are soooo good.

Abby: writing cymbal visuals, studying for tests and drinking lots of tea.