This is WEIRDD: October


Mallory: A sweatshirt that says “peanut butter” on it from I get so many compliments and it is so comfy. 10/10 would recommend.

Abby: Shorts?????!!?!??? Why is it 80 degrees. October was so warm. I am upset. I have sweaters that need to be worn.


Mallory: My favorite thing to get when I go into Brough these days is a plate of fries with cheese sauce, bacon bits, and ranch on top. This is so so so unhealthy but I am a sucker for fake cheese sauce and ranch sooooo….what can I say??

Abby: The Honkey from Hammontrees. I went to Hammontrees twice this month which was awesome because it is so good. The Honkey is on sourdough bread with bacon, mayo, artichokes and lots of melty cheese. Mmmmmm goodness

Impressed By

Mallory: Honestly, myself. Over this past month, I have been facing some fears. I went to a concert ALONE to see Alex and Sierra when they performed on campus for free because I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, and I also walked into class late. Last semester, I would have never gone into class late with a steaming cup of Starbucks. I would have just turned around, BUT NOT NOW!

Abby: Lipstick. This is a newish thing for me but I have decided lipstick is my favorite type of makeup. It is totally commands a look and there are so many color options. Lip stick is fun. Lipstick, you rock.


Mallory: I haven’t exactly read anything for fun lately, which really makes me sad. I have been reading a whole lot of Romantic poetry for class, which has been fun until your realize you have a test over 50+ poems this week!!!!



Mallory: I JUST DISCOVERED CHANCE THE RAPPER. His mixtape “Coloring Book” is actually so fantastic. He is such a clever guy, and it’s just really nice.

Abby: Ok so I think this only a feature if you have Spotify Premium but I do and its super cool. Spotify takes the different kinds of music you listen to and makes you new playlists with it every day. They are called Daily Mixes and it is just great. I have like a chill, folky one, a musical/disney one, a rap one and an oldies but goodies one. I love it because it satisfies whatever kind of music mood I am in each day. Thanks Spotify, you get me.


Mallory: I have spent a whole bunch of time sitting in Abby’s place of business, Savoy, drinking tea and doing homework. This shop has such a great atmosphere for getting stuff done, but I do end up buying a whole lot of drinks I don’t actually need – but they are soooo good.

Abby: writing cymbal visuals, studying for tests and drinking lots of tea.


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