Babe Thursday: Razorback Cymbal Line Edition Part 1


Ok so this post is gonna be a long one, so long in fact I am splitting it into two editions (guys and then girls).


Let’s start with this youngin’. This is Kevin. Kevin is a babe mostly because he doesn’t put up with my shit. He is really sassy (whether he intends it or not) and he always says the right thing to make me laugh. I’m really not sure if he’s trying to be funny but that is why you just gotta love Kevin. Who knows if he is being serious or not? In addition to his ‘tude Kevin is also my little cymbal clone. He catches on to everything super quickly and is very good about keeping his shit together. I can always count on Kevin to be doing everything right. Way to be cool Kevin. #babe


Next up we have Austin. Austin is one of those people who you think is really sweet and quiet but actually you are comepletely wrong. He constantly catches me off-guard with his savage comments. I’m sure he’s joking but that doesn’t make them any less hilarious. Austin is a consistent and very skilled member of the line. He helps to get me through long rehearsals and even longer football games and I really appreciate that. Also he loves musicals which is pretty cool. Babe.


Scott Sewell (pronounced like school without the ch) is an all around great guy. We are costume buddies which is a very important part of our friendship. Scott is always dancing and is really the only reason pep rallies are bearable. Scott is babe because he is just super down for whatever, super encouraging and super funny. Thanks Scott for being a babe all day, everyday.IMG_4813.JPG

Kyle. Another great Guy-le. He is one of the funniest people I know. He is like everything that you love to hate about frat boys except you don’t hate him cuz he is Kyle. Kyle is the raw-est dude I know (that’s a compliment for those of you who aren’t up with the lingo) and he is a great edition to the cymbal line. He has mastered all the technique and quickly picks up visuals. He’s just really nice and ya, I love Kyle.


Ok so Jared’s most babe quality has to be his deep voice. Like damn, it is killer. Jared is also a passionate Razorback fan and has produced some of the most iconic screaming cymbal player faces. Jared has always been super cool whether it was when he was chatting with me in the stands or getting ready for the next show. I can always count on him. BABE.


The final cymbal guy is Zach. RIP Zach because this is his senior year. It is gonna be super not cool next year without him. He is definitely¬†the most enthusiastic about Razorback football which is obviously a babe-worthy quality. He also has a really great southern accent that I have made fun of but maybe it’s cuz i was jealous. Mostly he is just very encouraging and receptive and both of those qualities add to his babe-ness.img_6670

All in all the guys of the cymbal line are some of the nicest, funniest and coolest dudes I know. That is why they are babes.



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