Babe Thursday: Razorback Cymbal Line Edition Part 2

All the cymbal ladies, now put your hands up!


It’s time for the real muscle behind the line, the cymbal ladies!


First up we have Amber. Amber is pretty babe-ilicous because at drumline auditions she came straight to cymbals. Didn’t wanna play anything else, so she is pretty OG. Amber is super funny and super with it and just a super member of the line. I can always count on her. As I have gotten to know her over the season I have come to realize she is also a great friend. Amber is always down to hear my stories and Amber is also always down to say it like it is. She is just super real.


COLLETTE. This small one is very babe. She quickly picked up technique and established her place on the line. She is more relevant than the rest of us and tends to know more pop songs than the average person. Coco always has a smile on her face and isn’t really one to complain. I appreciate the respect I get from her and I respect her more for it. Solid girl. Babe.


I was really excited when I found out Kelsey was gonna be a part of the cymbal line this year. She seemed really cool and I figured in turn she would enhance the cymbal line’s coolness factor. She did the best she could and I would argue we are a little bit cooler now. Kelsey laughs at most things I say and I choose to think thats because she thinks I’m funny not because I’m ridiculous. Kelsey is just a total babe because she’s very chill and very skilled.


SSSAAARRRAAAHHH. Sarah joined us late in the game and has had to work very hard to catch up with us. Her improvements over the season have been tenfold and I know she will keep improving as time goes on. Sarah is another one of those people who keeps me laughing. I really appreciate that whenever I make faces at her she just makes faces back. It has been good getting to know her this season. Lots of love for this babe.


Mom. Becca is my other half. The peanut to my butter. The anthro to my pology. The AV to my crash. She continuously impresses me with her ability to balance school and band and work and Kappa Kappa Psi and still manages to have time to be a huge influence on me. As section leader she sets a great example. As an anthropology student she gives me advice. And as my friend, she keeps me grounded. Endless love for this babe.


The women of the cymbal line are strong (in more ways than one) and inspiring. I hope everyone aspires to be like a cymbal line lady one day. They are babes.


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