The Friday Five

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy. And today, I have a lot to say.

  1. I went to sleep on Tuesday night before the election had been called for every state, but late enough in the game to know that Donald Trump would probably win the election. I watched this happen with a group of my very close friends, sitting close to each other (at one point, one of my friends was basically sitting on top of me and acting as sort of a security blanket) in an effort to comfort the people around us as it became clear that we would not agree with the outcome. That night, I dreamed that something amazing had occurred that led to Clinton winning the election and it was a brief relief from the not great feelings I have now. I felt a lot of love sitting in my friends’ apartment Tuesday night, and I am grateful for that. I think the love I felt while surrounded by some of my closest friends is something I’ll remember for a while.
  2. I cried a lot Wednesday morning before I went into work. Mostly because my father posted this about the election on Facebook, which made me think about a lot of stuff.screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-12-09-09-pmThis statement made me think a lot about the people that my dad would have to look in the face that day. He is an band director and a lot of his students are in the minority. He had to look his students that are members of the LGBTQ+ community knowing that they live in a country where the Vice President believes and supports conversion therapy. He had to look at his African American students knowing that they live in country that supports a man who advocates for hate. He had to look Hispanic students in the face knowing that the President Elect does not want to represent them with love, and all of this made me really sad.
  3. Yesterday in my WLIT class, we didn’t talk about literature at all. We had a very productive conversation about the election. I think it’s really important to make sure that every conversation that is had about the election be productive. I have A LOT of feelings about it, but I’m trying so so so hard to make sure I don’t reflect any sort of hate. My friend Jacob has been talking about responding to the results with an outpouring of love, and I agree. Love is so important.
  4. I shared a Facebook post about how so many diverse women did well in races other than the presidential one, and one of my friends commented on it with this super cool list that has even more details. Facebook has been very fascinating to me the past couple of days as I watch people with differing opinions try to express them. I’ve been really proud of one of my best friends, Sara, as she makes clear and insightful posts that help her express her opinions. I have a lot of things to say, but a lot of the time, I don’t know how to do so in an educated matter so I keep my mouth shut and mostly just share her posts. I’ve also been thinking a lot about echo chambers, which basically is what we settle ourselves into if we only follow or talk to people who have the same beliefs as we do, so I’ve been trying really hard not to unfriend others who I disagree with.
  5. This has been a really weird week, but I am so glad that I have the people who are in my life. Today is the Psi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma’s birthday and we get to celebrate it which I am SO excited about because it has brought so many awesome people into my life. I also really just want to say that I have super great friends, who challenge me everyday to love and accept others.

Sorry this was super long and scatterbrained but I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS y’know!!!!



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