Babe Thursday: Emma Patty Edition

img_5842“What you call me?” -Emma Patty. “You are a babe Emma.” -Meimg_5377

Emma Patty has always been there for me. When I was a baby she watched me throw up all over myself and now that I’m an adult she tells everyone that story. I can always count on Emma to keep me grounded. She is always there to knock down my pride with embarrassing stories. What a babe šŸ™‚


Ok but seriously, in addition to bringing me down Emma also builds me up. She calls me her favorite sister and Miss Perfect. So thats nice. In all honesty Emma Patty is probably my favorite person. She is funnier than anyone else, she is more forgiving than anyone else and she is just better than everyone else. Emma is the most babe.img_0112

Love you,



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