The Friday Five

  1. Julianne Clements, aka one of the most amazing people I know, got engaged last Saturday at the end of the Razorback game. Julianne is one of the drum majors and the president of the Psi Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma. Coby proposed as she was leaving the drum major ladder for the last time and it was BEAUTIFUL. ESPN has also featured the engagement video on all of their social medias. Julianne is one of the most loving people I know. She spends all of her time serving God and the organizations she belongs to and I am infinitely happy for her and Coby to continue their relationship.
  2. My youth director from my church in New Boston sent me an AMAZING care package complete with two kinds of homemade cookies, a giant Reese’s bar, various rice crispy treats, nail polish, a Christmas tree ornament, two leggings, and one of those super cool puff ball keychains. I am super grateful because this came at a time where I needed a pick me up.
  3. I need to talk about the character of Ainsley Hayes on The West Wing. I love her so much. She is an awesome foil for basically all of the main characters in the show and SHE IS SUCH A STRONG WOMAN. I love when writers write women characters that I root for like Ainsley. She’s great and I love her and that’s all.
  4. IT WAS BID DAY YESTERDAY. I am so excited to welcome new sisters into this organization that means so darn much for me. TBS has been a huge support system in my life and these girls keep me grounded and I can’t wait to be the sister to new membership candidates that the older members were to me. I already love every single one of the people who received a bid, so I can not wait to get to know each and everyone of them more as the year continues.
  5. I am leaving for Mississippi State University for the game tomorrow as a part of the pep band that is traveling. I am so excited to get a little of a break from Fayetteville, and to see my good friend Quin Gray who is a member of the MSU band. I love the clarinets that are traveling along with me and Abby is coming too and I am so very excited to spend time with these people. This is my first actual away trip (because the whole band goes to Dallas and Little Rock) with the Razorback Marching Band and I am very excited to experience it.



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