The Friday Five


  1. Breaks are crazy, because I know that there is work that I should be doing but I don’t want toooooo. I should practice my clarinet. I should work on my world civ final projects. I should fill out an internship application. But instead, I’ve watched three episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival and 10 black Friday hauls on Youtube. It’s fine. I’m FINE.
  2. I am so grateful that I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year. Last year, I was stuck in Fayetteville because I had to play at the football game the next day. Staying in an empty dorm is actually pretty great (just fun facts), but being back with family both on Thanksgiving and earlier today was such a great feeling!!!!
  3. I also remembered today that last Thanksgiving I dropped a glass at my friends family’s house (Jacob invited Abby and I to his family’s Thanksgiving meals) and I was very embarrassed about it. Like….not cool Mallory. They were obviously super chill about it and had the broken glass cleaned up in less than two minutes, but it was a very traumatizing moment in my life.
  4. I keep freaking out and needing to look at my planner to make sure that there isn’t something else I should be doing. I also keep remembering things I need to write down on my to-do list. I am a mess without my Passion Planner!!!
  5. I am very excited for Christmas themed Youtube videos to start. I absolutely love watching vlogmas videos and THEY ARE ALMOST BACK. Also Christmas gift guides? And what I got for Christmas hauls? TOO MUCH Y’ALL. Just thought you should know I am pumped.



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