This is WEIRDD: November


Mallory: My black Nikes. They are very comfortable. Also, they give the illusion that I work out, when in fact that has never happened in my life. They are also pretty cute – I typically wear them with leggings or cuffed jeans & they honestly make me feel like I have my life together, which is a nice plus.

Abby: well my grandma just bought me a new outfit and I am forever grateful. It consists of tan flare corduroy pants, a tight striped long sleeve Henley with a corset style neck and a light pink cardigan. Basically I’m living out my early 2000s dream and it is wonderful. Thanks G-Ma.


Mallory: Pop-tarts. Which is not healthy. But they are GOOD. They are actually very versatile. You can eat one for breakfast or for a snack or for dessert. 10/10 would recommend eating a Pop-tart.

Abby: I have had a fried egg and bacon for breakfast close to everyday this month. I feel like thats fairly healthy, could be worse, could be better. Either way, I’m happier because of my breakfast.

Impressed By

Mallory: The Psi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma has been rockin’ it this semester. We’ve put on a very successful Founder’s Day Ceremony, cleaned a street, cleaned some seat covers, and participated in a National Program with our Adopt-A-Band service events. While doing all these amazing things, each member of our chapter finds time to build her sisters up and I am in awe of these amazing people.

Abby: My hair. It has been blue for over two months now and is still managing to look good if I do say so myself. GOOD JOB HAIR.


Mallory: I have been re-reading the Pushing the Limits series by Katie McGarry. I really enjoy the way that the books are told and how they are lightly linked to each other. READ THEM.

Abby: I read this book called Njal’s Saga for my world civ class. It was actually super drama filled. There was divorce, cheating, death, and impressive female badass-ness. So if you have to read an Icelandic saga anytime soon, I definitely recommend this one.


Mallory: I’ve been very into watching Quantico on Netflix (and then catching up on The drama and the way that the two stories are told at the same time is really intriguing. Plus I really want Alex and Ryan to end up together.

Abby: Westworld. If you haven’t watched it, you should. It is a western sci fi so what’s not to love. My description wouldn’t do it justice so just watch the pilot and I promise. You will be impressed.


Mallory: Lots ‘n lots of homework. I have paper on top of paper and reading on top of reading and test on top of test BUT WE ARE ALMOST DONE MY FRIENDS. I’m actually procrastinating working on a project by writing this post, but I needed a brain break OKAY. Also I have been making a lot of twitter polls (follow me on twitter to vote in these polls: @wooaahhmallory).

Abby: I have recently learned to knit! I am probably the world’s slowest knitter but it is ok because it is relaxing.


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