Christmas Haul Part 2: Mom’s Family

On Christmas Day, my family went to church and then had Christmas lunch at IHOP before heading to Camden, AR for festivities with my mom’s parents and siblings the next day. We spent the night at my grandparents house, along with my two younger cousins and one of my mom’s older sisters. Those of us in the house ate chicken spaghetti and helped prepare for the celebration the next day. I baked cookies and helped to clean up. On the 26th, my mom’s brother and other sister joined us, along with my two older cousins and their husbands. We ate a big lunch, and after the kitchen was clean the younger kids (this still includes me) opened presents. The adults all participated in a Chinese Christmas gift exchange.

From Aunt Mel


She gave all of the girls a Vera Bradley makeup bag, and mine looks like this! I haven’t transferred my makeup into it yet, but I can’t wait to get that done. This makeup bag is so roomy, and there are even little mesh pockets on the inside. I’m really excited to use this.

From Uncle Kyle and Aunt Betty


We all got small wristlet wallets from Fossil! Like with the makeup bag, I haven’t transferred anything over yet but I really need to get around to that. The wallet I am currently using is one that I have been using for a year, so it has gotten a little dingy from wear and tear. Like very dingy. Like there are place on it that are supposed to be white, but now have turned a light brown. So this gift will find some very good use.

From Lanie and David


These necklace can be layered together or worn individually. They have a really cool latch that allows them to hook together if you want to wear them that way. I also don’t really have any colored jewelry like this so these might come in handy.

From Gram and Pop


All of the grandkids got $25 Walmart gift cards. Mine has this super cute dog on it. I honestly haven’t decided what I will end up buying with this yet, but it should come in handy next time I’m in Walmart. I’m a broke college kid, so gift cards are ALWAYS welcome.



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