The Friday Five

Or “A list of alternate captions for the Instagram picture I posted yesterday of my with my brand new driver’s license.”


  1. “TBH I thought I would be able to drink legally before I was able to drive legally” – because I turn 21 in August and no one really thought I would ever get this license. Also because it’s funny.
  2. “One time I won an award in high school for “Most Likely to NOT Have a Driver’s License Before She Graduates College.” Jokes on y’all suckas.” Because I did win that award and it has now turned out to be inaccurate – I’m not close to graduating college yet.
  3. “FINALLY” – because no one in my life believed I would ever have a driver’s license. To be quite honest, I doubted it too. I tried to take the test multiple times, but then it got cancelled. Every. Single. Time. Also because no one believes I can actually drive.
  4. “Only took four years” – because I am 20. And almost everyone I know got their licenses at 16. I didn’t even get a permit guys. This has been a LONG TIME COMING.
  5. “Guess it’s time to start repaying my friends for 4 years worth of rides” – I used a variation of this on twitter, but it is very accurate. The people who drove me around in high school, and since I’ve moved to Fayetteville deserve a huge shoutout. I am so grateful that they liked me enough to hang out with me and always drive when we hung out. There were years when all my friends would meet outside of my house and leave their cars there so that we could all ride together. Since I’ve moved, I owe a huge thank you to the people that let me ride home to New Boston with them (and back to school). And to the people that drove me to late night food from Hotz during freshman year. A special shoutout to Abby and Kat who are always picking me up, to take me to their house and then driving me back to campus. I am eternally grateful to all of these people. So if you’re reading this, thanks so much you guys.



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