Christmas Haul Part 3: Dad’s Family

On December 23rd, my family, my dad’s two sisters and their families, and my grandpa and grandpa gathered together to celebrate Christmas and my dad’s birthday (which is actually on the 24th). We ate creamy tacos and queso, had some pretty awesome fellowship, and opened presents. We also sang happy birthday to my dad before cutting into some cheesecake (I don’t get it, but cheesecake is his favorite dessert). On the 24th, we went to the Christmas Eve service at my church (Tapp UMC) at 3:00 PM and then to my great-aunt Paula’s to eat dinner with my extended family on that side. Us “teenagers” (some of us are actually 20/21) got to do a Chinese Christmas gift exchange, and I ended up with an iTunes gift card (which basically means my Apple Music subscription will be free the next two months).

From My Aunt Chris (and her husband and kids)


This very nice Arkansas sweatshirt from the campus bookstore that I am in LUUUUV with!!!! (I picked it out with my mom for my aunt so like I knew what I was getting but I’m still excited fam). I also have worn it at least three times a week since Christmas so it was a GOOD GIFT.

From My Aunt B and Kristel (and their daughter)


An Amazon gift card shaped like a bookmark. Y’all, this is pretty lit because I have been into reading actual books instead of Kindle books – and now I have a way to buy them AND MARK MY PLACE! I think I will end up buying Almost Adulting by Arden Rose and Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham, along with whatever my twitter poll decides.

From My Nana and PawPaw

This is basically a haul of various clothes from American Eagle but DEAL WITH IT – I like their clothes OKAY.


These pajama pants that are silky, high waisted, wide legged, and HAVE POCKETS. Also very cute. They are very soft and honestly I’ve considered trying to style them into an actual outfit multiple times – this probably won’t ever happen BUT IT COULD.



I love this blouse shirt thing with bell sleeves and a pattern – but like is it cute? Or ugly? Is it ugly/cute? Who actually cares? NOT ME!!! I am really into the bell sleeves, plus this is very comfortable and cute. It also gives you options of how much cleavage you actually want to show – this is nice because it makes the top ~versatile~ for different occasions.


JEANS. Cause who can have too many pairs of jeans? No one, that’s who. These ones are a darker wash, high waisted, and very comfortable.


Two pairs of leggings! Because every single pair of leggings that I owned before Christmas had a hole in the butt or crotch or elsewhere because that happened. The black ones are a replacement from the time I jumped a fence and ripped a giant hole in my favorite pair – they are high-waisted, black, comfortable, and a very basic pair of leggings like every girl should own. The gray ones are fleece lined! I really like the logo band thing at the top and how high these come up on my waist.


This white mock-neck sweater – very cute, very warm. I’m into it. This can be dressed up or down, and is a very nice basic piece.


Two more bralettes from Aerie because I don’t wear a real bra anymore. Who would, after putting one of these on??? They are so terribly comfortable. The black one is a halter one, and the blue-y/purple-y one has a criss-cross back. The color is also GORGEOUS.


This super cute long sleeved t-shirt. All of American Eagle clothing is so soft, I honestly can’t take it. This has a mock-neck top, with a little keyhole. The material is subtly striped, which I honestly wasn’t really expecting but am excited about.


P.S. – I know that these pictures don’t really give the clothing justice but I don’t have a better way to show them!! It took me a little bit to figure out how to photograph the shirts, and it still is pretty subpar. I promise to try better in the future.


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