The Friday Five

  1. I have recently noticed that I am old, and that time passes pretty quickly. It’s really hard for me to believe that I am 20. But what’s even harder for me to grasp is how old my little brother is. Conner is a freshman (!) in high school. He’s been working on growing his hair out for a little over a year now and it looks really good. He is old enough to start doing driver’s ed. He’s also matured enough to wear something other than nike shorts and t-shirts everyday. I’m not sure if this makes any sense, but I have realized how old I am through how old he is – Conner being 15, when my entire life I’ve though of him as a kid makes me feel OLD. (And I’m only 20).
  2. My guilty pleasure is The Bachelor (and Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise). I can watch that reality tv show like nobody’s business. One of my favorite things about the show is watching the friendships between the “contestants” form. Those are long-lasting relationships! Through the show, I have also realized that I always root for the underdog. For example, Tanner Tolbert was my favorite on Bachelorette Kaitlyn’s season. I knew there was no way he was winning because it just wasn’t there between them – but he was the best choice in my opinion.
  3. I am heading back to Fayetteville tomorrow (finally). One of the things that always happen when I leave New Boston and my parent’s house is that I leave at least 3 of my belongings behind. Random clothing items, toiletries, pillow – it’s all happened. I haven’t even started to pack to head back and I DON’T KNOW HOW I WILL BE ABLE TO FIT IT IN MY BAGS. Not only do I have to bring back all of the stuff I came here with, I have to make sure all of my Christmas gifts and the things I ordered and bought for myself make it back. Plus I have my friends Christmas gifts wrapped, which makes travel harder. I’m honestly putting it all off because I know it’s going to suck.
  4. UNPOPULAR OPINION. I don’t want to own a dog or cat or pet in my adult life. It’s not that I don’t think that animals are super cool and fun. It is just that pets are a huge hassle!! They also smell. They leave pet hair everywhere. I honestly have no desire to put myself through an extra hassle like that. Plus they can be very annoying when they bark or whine or howl while you are trying to sleep.
  5. Texas weather is 100% crazy. Last Friday it snowed. And then 4 days later it was 70 degrees outside. I just honestly don’t understand it. I also find it very annoying when packing to come home because I have no clue what the weather will surprise me with while I am here. This leads to overpacking and then hating myself when I have to overpack to head back. Weather just causes a whole lot of problems for me.



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