The Friday Five

  1. It’s inauguration day. Instead of mourning, I’m trying to embrace the nice weather and the love surrounding me and red velvet pancakes from IHOP. I keep telling myself that it’s only four years. I can make it through four years. Maybe it will be four years in which people’s rights are taken away, but the citizens of this country are fighters. I have faith that the Democrats that remain senators and representatives will fight with all their might, and after these four years are up we can bring back the rights we lost during these four years.
  2. I feel like I have achieved something because I have gotten 8 hours of sleep all but one night this week. I have a steady wake-up time at 8 every morning because I have class at 9:30/9:40 every day. I am PUMPED because keeping a steady schedule is going to rock my socks.
  3. I’ve been back in Fayetteville for about a week now and it feels so good to be here. I missed all of my friends so darn much and I’ve gotten to hang out with everybody this past week. Getting back into going to class and stuff has been a little tricky, but I am managing. (I also just realized I’ve somehow gone this entire week without a trip to Whataburger – this needs to be remedied ASAP).
  4. Lady Gaga’s newest album Joanne is a gem. I have been jamming to all of the bops on it lately and I couldn’t be happier. Gaga is back and better than ever.
  5. I HAVE A LITTLE!!!! Her name is Maureen, and she is gorgeous and amazing and super awesome. I’ve known for over a month that she was my little, but we had our Big/Little Reveal last night so I finally got to tell her. I also gained a co-little, which I’m very excited about but also – I have to share Kelly’s attention??? Devastated. I am so excited to be a big and to love on Maureen. I feel like I’ve gained a partner in crime which is so exciting.



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