The Friday Five

  1. The biggest mistake I’ve made in the last week would definitely be getting coffee before chapter at 8 PM last night. I need someone to never let me do that again. I try to pretend caffeine doesn’t have an effect on me, but seeing as it took me hours to fall asleep last night I think I need to give up that facade. Right now I’m saying “never again” but I am a college student, so let’s see how long that lasts amiright ladies??
  2. I bought a textbook from the University of Arkansas bookstore online a week ago and received an order confirmation email that day. But instead of there being a charge on my account, there was a transaction of $0.00 from them instead. And now there is nothing at all. I still don’t have the book I need. Which means I should probably call someone or go in to ask about it, but I don’t want to be an adult.
  3. Past me thought that having a two hour plus break between every class was a great idea. Or she didn’t really think about how awful that would be. Either way, every day of this semester has felt like it has lasted for 7 years. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself between classes. I guess I can use that time to study or do homework, but it feels weird guys. My brain is CONFUSED about my schedule right now.
  4. So TBS has a brother fraternity called Kappa Kappa Psi, and each MC of the organizations gets a big brother and a big sister. Last year, I became my big brother’s first ever and only little – but now she (both of our organizations are co-ed) has three more!!!! Through this, I am realizing that I am 100% needy and an attention hog and I don’t like sharing love. All things that are wholly personal problems that I need to work on. (In all seriousness, I love all of my co-littles and they deserve all the love Becca has to give them and I know there is enough of her to go around). And more importantly than Becca getting to share her abundant love, I got a heckin’ cool little brother!!
  5. Me to boy: hey wanna get free ice cream sometime Boy: sure sounds fun Me: cool, this weekend? Boy: yeah that’s awesome Boy: actually my cousin thinks you’re hot and wants to come with us Me: SCREAMS INTERNALLY FOREVER (this may be an oversimplification but also exactly how it happened okay)

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